How To Identify Your Company’s Elite Customers


Most companies obsessed with how to get more customers. If you pick up the latest marketing manual, you will find the latest social media trends on how to find new customers online or attract new ones through viral promotion. However, sometimes it is not so much about finding new customers. It is about business segmentation. More specifically, it is identifying ... Read More »

The Best CEOs Always Keep Their Secrets


Life without secrets would be no fun. Secrets are usually special, exclusive or interesting. As a person, who would not want to be special, exclusive or interesting? If you think about it, some of the things we enjoy today are best kept secrets. Everyone knows a mother, aunt, grandma, friend or relative who has a “secret sauce” for spaghetti. And ... Read More »

Ground Floor Cancelled: Worst Executive Decision By TBS Network


Working as an executive can be a tough job. At small firms, executive decision-making can be the difference between growth and bankruptcy. At larger corporations, executives yield immense amounts of power and responsibility. It is up to them to make the right calls to steer their organization in a successful direction. If guided poorly, there are millions of dollars at ... Read More »

How Low Interest Credit Cards Can Save The Company


For most successful companies, getting access to more credit or loans is a simple task. Sorry, for the struggling companies! This may not be as helpful to you. That being said, let us continue easily securing credit for the company. If you operate a successful company, head over to the bank, flash your high balances and get approved for a ... Read More »

Did You Spoil Your Employees Rotten?


If you make a pit stop in the management section of any bookstore, you probably realize that corporate culture is very important. Some of the best companies spend significant time, money and effort to create an awesome work environment. The same companies tend to have more rigorous hiring processes and background checks. In short, they’re able to higher top talent ... Read More »

Simple Mistake That Instantly Kills New Membership Customers


One of the best business models is a membership based business. If you have ever signed up for a gym, learning center or cell phone plan, it is all about the relationship. For most people to commit to a contract, they need to be very comfortable about the services, products or value they are receiving. After all, most people have ... Read More »

Avoid The Wrong Software Applications In SBUs


Ask any small business operations manager about their role in the company. Odds are, they will tell you that, “operations is the veins of any successful corporation.” Well, if operations on the veins, the business software that decision-makers choose must be the heart. Truth is, many companies are unable to compete because of incompetent processes. Many times, is simply a ... Read More »

StartUp NY: Where’s The Money Really Going?


Over the past year or longer, New York State has been running television campaigns to spread awareness about the StartUp NY program. The program is meant for small businesses and entrepreneurs to grow companies, creating jobs growth as well as overall economic prosperity. The program boasts free taxes, incentives and interesting statistics (which you will want to look closely at ... Read More »

Why Start Ups Have To Become Proven Companies To Survive


As venture capitalist investors already know from bankrupt start ups and hundred million dollar companies, the survival rate of a start up is extremely low. As you might guess, there are several reasons for companies to go bankrupt. Commonly, they cannot secure the funding they need to go on either from internal sales, loan financing or outside investment. Even more ... Read More »

How To Fix Your Small Business Intelligently

Business man

The idea of owning your own business is one ridden with fantasy, excitement and might I say it, lots of money. The life of an entrepreneur can be quite misleading to some when all they can think about is the seemingly easy lifestyle of owning a company. After all, going into the office whenever you feel like it does have ... Read More »

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