How Managers Can Perform Employee Evaluations More Effectively


If you manage a business or work in a Human Resources department, you have likely grown tired of your typical employee evaluation process. Year in and year out, companies use the same methodology, forms and processes to review employee performances. Unfortunately, the individuality of employees can get lost amidst this dreadful bureaucracy. While our systems and policies are static, the ... Read More »

Upgrade Any Employee Engagement Model Effectively


With the mounting student loan debt that young adults are carrying, it is critical for them to find a productive role in the workforce quickly. To their credit, they work along with career coaches, college and careers programs and career training courses. However, it is also up to the businesses to implement proper career planning and development. Without a sound ... Read More »

Most Important Business Insurance for Realtors

Digital Image by Sean LockeDigital Planet

As you probably already know, there are many types of insurance. There is car insurance, home insurance and of course, business insurance. What you may not know is the following. There are several types of business insurance and packages that can be tailored to your specific needs. For example, a hot silicon valley start up will probably be looking for ... Read More »

Upcoming Trends in Unified Communications


Graphic provided by ShoreTel Many technology experts have posited that company IT and unified communications will change more in the next 18 months than they have in the past decade – is your business prepared? In response to the recent increase in both collaboration and BYOD (bring your own device) demands, the need for reliable and efficient technology in the ... Read More »

Top Things To Do With Your Finance Degree


Working in the finance industry can be a lucrative career with plenty of opportunities. Contrary to what most people believe, there are many things you can do with a business degree in finance. At the undergraduate, MBA and doctorate degree levels, there are plenty of options for everyone seeking to utilize their skill sets. The first step to deciding, “What ... Read More »

The Awesome Advantages of Online Business Meetings


Meetings are critical for any company success. Within any industry, managers and employees must meet regularly to ensure goals are being meet satisfactorily. Without meetings, there is a high probability that a different teams could end up on different pages. When miscommunication occurs, the consequences could prove costly in terms of time and money for the organization. Therefore, most companies ... Read More »

How To Identify Your Company’s Elite Customers


Most companies obsessed with how to get more customers. If you pick up the latest marketing manual, you will find the latest social media trends on how to find new customers online or attract new ones through viral promotion. However, sometimes it is not so much about finding new customers. It is about business segmentation. More specifically, it is identifying ... Read More »

The Best CEOs Always Keep Their Secrets


Life without secrets would be no fun. Secrets are usually special, exclusive or interesting. As a person, who would not want to be special, exclusive or interesting? If you think about it, some of the things we enjoy today are best kept secrets. Everyone knows a mother, aunt, grandma, friend or relative who has a “secret sauce” for spaghetti. And ... Read More »

Ground Floor Cancelled: Worst Executive Decision By TBS Network


Working as an executive can be a tough job. At small firms, executive decision-making can be the difference between growth and bankruptcy. At larger corporations, executives yield immense amounts of power and responsibility. It is up to them to make the right calls to steer their organization in a successful direction. If guided poorly, there are millions of dollars at ... Read More »

How Low Interest Credit Cards Can Save The Company


For most successful companies, getting access to more credit or loans is a simple task. Sorry, for the struggling companies! This may not be as helpful to you. That being said, let us continue easily securing credit for the company. If you operate a successful company, head over to the bank, flash your high balances and get approved for a ... Read More »

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