4 Mistakes You Should Not Make as a Business Owner


As a business owner, the fate of your employees and your entire company rests on your shoulders. In the face of such enormous responsibility, it’s important to make the right business decisions. Read on to discover four things you never want to do as a business owner. Manage Your Own Finances Image via Flickr by kev-shine Many business owners, particularly ... Read More »

Role of Conveyancing in Buying and Selling Family or Business Property


If you are interested in buying or selling residential or commercial property, you need to hire a qualified conveyancer who is familiar with these areas. Whether you want to buy or sell homes, land, offices or shops, a conveyancing specialist will help you through the process of the property transaction. Conveyancing Process Conveyancing is a process through which property ownership ... Read More »

4 of the Most Controversial Ad Campaigns


Advertisements. When watching your favorite show, they’re the bane of your existence, making you wait just a few moments longer for that dramatic reveal (OMG! Who’s the father of Desiree’s baby? Not Joe Bob. Oh, please don’t let it be Joe Bob…). When watching one of those yawn-inducing Super Bowls—you know, the kind where your team’s losing by four touchdowns—the ... Read More »

Global Business Growth and Employment in Manchester


For some time now Manchester has been seen as the capital of the North of England, and now it’s rivaling London in more than just a population and popularity sense. Rather than businesses looking to get into the capital at all costs, enabling them to do business with people from across the country and further afield, it is now Manchester ... Read More »

Securing That Much-Needed Business Investment


If a business is looking to either get off the ground, or to expand if they’re already established, then it goes without saying that it needs one thing – money. It makes the world go round, that’s what people say, and it’s certainly true in the business world. Without financial injections, either from the banks or guarantor loan lenders like ... Read More »

5 Ways You Can Raise Money to Start Your Own Business


We are a part of the Entrepreneur Generation where people have realized that trying to climb up the corporate ladder makes no sense anymore. A majority of millennials believe that they need to forge their own path and not let their lives and careers be dictated by employers. They want to do things that interest them, earn comfortably and aspire ... Read More »

5 Critical Lessons For Hiring Your First Employee

As a new entrepreneur, hiring the first employee is not a matter of joke. If you get a great employee you will flourish like anything but if you’re not so fortunate to have a good one, it can have serious negative impact on your business. Your attitude for negotiating properties in Delhi and hiring the first employee for your company ... Read More »

The Future of CrowdFunding In The Indian Real Estate Sector

Crowdfunding is one of the commercial campaigns, which is slowly gaining momentum in India. Crowdfunding entails the practice of collecting funds from a large group of individuals to fund a campaign, start-up or any commercial project. This particular method of pooling funds together has proved successful in the realm of IT. However, will this particular approach prove equally successful in ... Read More »

Investing In The Emerging Market Of Chennai, India

Shot this picture from Airplane. Checked in at airport 1.5 hours prior to the flight to get the last window side seat along the flight path.

Kathipara Junction is an important road junction in Chennai, India. It is located at Alandur, (St.Thomas Mount), south of Guindy, at the intersection of the Grand Southern Trunk Road (NH 45), Inner Ring Road, Anna Salai and the Poonamallee Road. Kathipara flyover is the largest Cloverleaf flyover. (Source Wikipedia)

The economy of India is getting back on track, gradually but surely. The complete efforts of the government are targeted at a sustainable growth of economy in the long run. The same have been experienced in all the economy related decisions as well as the union budget that has been presented in the year 2015. In such a time when ... Read More »

A Practical Guide To Small Business Recruitment


Nowadays, business owners and managers can’t seem to find the right candidates for priority positions. With the economy on the upswing, quality candidates are becoming increasingly scarce. Whether the company uses a corporate recruitment strategy by employing a human resources department or has the owner doing all the hiring themselves, it might be time to start using LinkedIn to get ... Read More »

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