Dealing With Difficult People Effectively


In business, we have to work with all kinds of people. As managers, we do our best to hire talented individuals who are good team oriented and harmonious by nature. However, whether it is an employee in the office at work or customer in the field, it is critical to deal with difficult people effectively so that you are successful ... Read More »

Why Choose Undergraduate Business Degree Programs


Finance. Management. Consulting. Accounting. These are just some of the popular terms that come up in a student’s mind. To many students, especially high school students, business may not sound like too much fun. But, for the lucky individuals who get to experience business for what it really is, their college destination is a no-brainer, a highly ranked undergraduate business ... Read More »

Reasons To Accept Credit Cards In Your Business


More small businesses are encouraged to start accepting credit card as a means of payment. If your business does not currently accept credit cards, you should reconsider because the level of convenience in sales and gains far outweigh the cost of accepting credit cards. Both offline and online businesses can accept credit card payment. There is service fees involved when ... Read More »

How To Apply FICA Tip Credit On Taxes

Restaurant Tip Credit

Restaurant owners have a lot of expenses. In addition to commercial or retail location rent expenses, overhead costs and material costs, payroll is usually one of the highest expenses on the books. When it comes to tax season, restaurant owners must work hard with their accounting professionals to document all of their expenses. If not documented correctly, the owner may ... Read More »

Positive Meeting Openers For Any Sized Team


Meetings are essential for almost every business. Major projects including several divisions or departments require them to meet to make sure that everyone is on the same page. Sometimes, meetings can be overbearing, and efficient or unproductive. In extreme cases please actually dread going to meetings and think they’re a waste of time. However, meetings do not have to be ... Read More »

Build Brand Strength Better Than The Rest


Company brand strength is very important for any small business entrepreneurial venture. If someone recognizes and trusts your company brand, they are much more likely to do business with you. Sounds simple, right? Unfortunately, building strong brand strength depends on your industry and your competitors. Your company’s brand strength is dependent¬†upon the brand strength of other companies competing in your ... Read More »

How Networking Events In NYC Increase Sales


Networking events are a great place for any business owner to pick up additional customers. If your business is not currently using networking as a tool to build relationships and gather leads, it might be a good time to start now. After all, it is never too late to start something new as long as it does not take away ... Read More »

The Best Small Business Email Solution Under $5


Email is extremely important to any individual. When it comes to business email solutions, the importance of communication is second to none. Every company needs fast, reliable and affordable email solutions. There are so many options in market that I can be difficult to know what exactly do you need. At the most basic level, emails were received and sent ... Read More »

Your RFP Response May Require Higher Pricing


Businesses win new contracts, customers or deals through various channels. Most of the popular selling channels are direct leads, specialized market places and contract bidding. Especially for those in procurement, either privately or locally, a proper RFP response can make all the difference. This is critical for new companies who want become long time vendors and industry suppliers. To win ... Read More »

Netflix Should Embrace International Growth Competencies


It does not seem to long ago that Netflix entered the DVD rental market with their famous $0.99 offer for renting movies. It was so unheard of that many took the deal for a scam because the brand was relatively unknown. As you can imagine, it was not a scam. Today, however, things have changed. Although Netflix started out as ... Read More »

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