Why Business Owners Love Credit Cards

Owners Love Credit Cards

Business owners have a lot to worry about. They are constantly assumed to busy, over-worked and stressed out 24/7. It is no easy task running a business, no one can deny that, but business owners do not have to live a busy, over-worked or stressed out life. In fact, many business owners today have found ways to meet their business ... Read More »

5 Business Automation Insights [New Infographic]

Has your company already delved into the world of automation? Through allocating resources and assigning tasks, you and your employees can avoid bottlenecks and wasted time while also improving the efficiency of your business’s daily operations. While some companies are afraid of automating tasks that may be too delicate, there are many day-to-day items that could be processed through the ... Read More »

Why You’re Losing Business without a Credit Card Component

Credit Card Issuers

Business owners in 2014 know that fighting for each consumer’s dollar can be a challenge. With many consumers feeling the economic pinch, they’ve become more choosey when it comes to selecting who they will do business with. As a result, business owners need to make sure they have as much as possible to offer each and every consumer who walks ... Read More »

Finance Tips for Small Business Owners


You have the great business plan, the creative ideas and the customer service know-how, so you think you have all the pieces you need to successfully start your own small business. However, today more than ever, having a good sense for small business finances is an essential part of running a successful business. Without a good sense of how to ... Read More »

Six Strategies to Starting a Successful Online Business

Six Strategies to Starting a Successful Online Business

With the world revolving around technology, it’s only natural that the Internet is an ideal area for a business startup. Small companies can test the waters on their product without paying for an office space, for many employees, or investing too much into the product. However, the Internet is inundated with business websites, making it immensely difficult to be found ... Read More »

Common Challenges of Mobile App Testing

 Anyone coming to mobile development after having worked mostly or exclusively on Web projects knows that there can be many stumbling blocks at the outset. The emergence of Swift – marketed as “Objective-C without the C” to highlight its resemblance to modern languages such as JavaScript -  for creating iOS apps may eventually help ease this transition. For now, though, there ... Read More »

What to look for when choosing a VoIP system

Meeting in Progress

The number of companies adopting voice over IP solutions is at an all-time high, spurred by its many flexibility and scalability benefits. According to the latest statistics from Infonetics Research, the global market for VoIP and related equipment equaled approximately $992 million during the first three months of 2014, which is up 37 percent from the same period in 2013. ... Read More »

Marketing To Business Travelers Using Branded Promotional Items

Business travelers are essentially experts at staying in hotels, meaning they know what they like. With a combination of amazing service, attention to detail and lovely facilities, a certain location can earn loyalty from these frequent flyers and guarantee business for years to come. To make sure people return for another stay, the brand must stick around in their minds. ... Read More »

Exploring The Flexibility Of VoIP

There are few technologies that have been as disruptive as VoIP. While that may make it sound like a negative development, that is far from the case in the instance of IP telephony. In tech circles, “disruptive” means something coming along that challenges conventional notions of specific devices and services. In the instance of voice connections, VoIP has liberated both ... Read More »

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