Friday, November 27, 2015

How To Build A Good Credit Score For Your Business


A well built business credit score is a valuable asset for assessing the financial health of a company or obtaining business loans or other funding options. Often times, small business owners rely on their personal credit scores for funding their business. Although this practice is common, your personal credit score shows mortgages you are paying, credit cards you use and ... Read More »

AVS Credit Card Processing Keeps Transactions Secure


As you many already know, credit card frauds are on the rise. In a world where sellers send products to the doorsteps of the customers without seeing their faces, AVS credit card processing is essential to prevent frauds. To achieve this, merchants are looking for better methods to verify and authenticate their customers. Address Verification System or AVS is a ... Read More »

How To Start Your Own Online Store


Starting your own online business can be one of the most exciting things that you can do. The rise of the Internet and cloud computing has made it even easier to start up your own business. All you need is to register your company, a website, a bank account and online payment methods. As a result, ecommerce sales in Europe ... Read More »

Lead Generation Tools For The Online Generation


Marketing is now more challenging with growing competition, newer strategies and increasing costs. Businesses looking to attract consumers while fighting to gain a marketing edge require new and improved lead generation tools. Marketing managers and professionals are constantly looking for faster and smarter ways to gain brand recognition. With online marketing gaining prominence, lead generation tools are growing in popularity. ... Read More »

How To Benchmark Hospitality Industry Best Practices


The hospitality industry is showing promises of health growth in 2015. Recent insights from sources such as Ernst & Young (EY), Deloitte, and PR Newswire bear testimony to this industry trend. EY points out that the positive investment climate and growing confidence in the industry are spurring this growth. Deloitte identifies strong demand, international growth prospects, and positive economic outlook ... Read More »

What’s Preventing Collaboration in Your Organization?


In most organizations, collaboration is a vital part of the success or failure of any initiative. Rarely does a project take place entirely within one department or team; there is almost always a need to gather input from multiple stakeholders. Yet, the process of collaboration isn’t always as easy as Team A asking Team B for their help, and the ... Read More »

12 Characteristics Of A Leader Who Gets Results


The key to starting and expanding a business is good leadership. Acquiring leadership skills, and recognizing leadership capabilities is a prerequisite in business. An entrepreneur is essentially a person who can put together a team and the resources to execute a plan. He or she becomes a leader while directing the team through challenges to achieve the goal. Here are ... Read More »

How Merchant Cash Advances Benefit Your Small Business


Merchant cash advances are a good alternative to traditional business funding methods. For small business owners who have an immediate need for cash, merchant cash advances allow them to secure capital against the receivables of their business. More simply, the merchant cash loan is provided on the basis of future credit card sales. To get approved, lenders may inspect the ... Read More »

Reasons Why You Should Hire A Supply Chain Consultant


A supply chain consultant assists you in effectively managing the end to end movement of goods, starting from procuring raw materials to the finished product. Inventories protect supply. If your inventory and vendor management is becoming a hassle, is becoming more cumbersome than you had imagined or you are simply on the lookout to make the process leaner and more ... Read More »

How Mergers and Acquisition Grow Your Business


Mergers and acquisition are great methods for growing your business. Startups are using mergers and acquisitions for enhancing their strength and penetrating newer markets. You should only undertake mergers and acquisitions if you are confident about the financial stability of your business and the market. It is best to perform them when the economic environment is favorable for business growth. ... Read More »

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