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Invest Locally Into Neighborhoods To Build Sustainable Urbanism

Sustainable architecture and urban planning, to many, are nothing more than trending topics or current fads in the architecture and design business communities—but to some, it’s the new normal. In many megacities across the globe, citizens are moving to densely populated areas. In responses, construction businesses and architects are investing in new ways. They are building more sustainable structures that ... Read More »

How To Buy Gold Bullion For Investment Protection Over Currency

The high profile investor has to be careful with their liquid funds. These holdings of cash and savings are often diversified over a wide portfolio along with real estate insurance, properties and annuities. This way, if something happens to the currency value, the value is not lost. Even for the average investor, buying gold bullion is a smart way to ... Read More »

What Is A Non-Competition Agreement To Your Employees?

A non-competition agreement is a common document signed at the time of hiring. While some newer employees may express concerns, the agreement is highly effective for business owners. As long as the non-compete agreement can be enforced, it offers your business additional security for strength and growth. Typically, it is completed during the human resource management process. However, a non ... Read More »

6 Reasons To Consider Starting A Photography Business

When you look around a friend’s house, you often see professional photos of their most precious moments in life. If you love taking photos and being creative, then photography could be the business idea you’ve been waiting for to help those memories last. Not only is it fun, but there are also many other great reasons to consider starting a ... Read More »

What A 403b Retirement Plan Offers In Terms Of Financial Options

While working in business, many companies offer retirement contribution plans. These are typically known as retirement accounts. Most commonly, you might have heard of 401k retirement accounts. However, these are only for professionals working the in private sector who may have a workplace pension. As an executive working in the public or non-for-profit sectors, a 403(b) retirement plan offer the ... Read More »

Your Business Will Run Better With These 6 Services

Is your business running as smoothly as it could be? If internal bottlenecks threaten your output or expansion potential, it may be time to review the services on which you rely to keep your company running. Depending on your budget, industry, and internal needs, it may be time to tack on additional capabilities as well. Businesses large and small rely ... Read More »

4 Ways To Make Your Business More Sustainable

These days, green business practice is the phrase on everyone’s lips. While this new mode of socially conscious business might seem foreign and intimidating to some, the fact is that many sustainable practices couple environmental concern with saving money. Here are some of the best ways to reduce your energy use while also helping your bottom line. Telecommuting One popular ... Read More »

How Astute Marketing Can Help Your Business Flourish

How do you create a successful business? While there are many functions to any organization —Administration, Production, R&D, Purchasing, Marketing (including the sales function), Human Resource Management, Accounting and Finance–marketing is the linchpin that makes everything work. This is because you can do everything right in all the various departments of a business, but if you get the marketing wrong, ... Read More »

Why Invoice Factoring Is Trucking’s Smartest Business Solution

Whether you work directly with clients or with other businesses, every trucking and transportation company knows the frustration of waiting on an invoice to be paid. Some invoices can sit for up to 90 days without payment and during that time, you’re still trying to maintain smooth operations. Many industries feel this strain, but the biggest impact is on companies ... Read More »

6 Ideas That Reduce Gender Discrimination Within Your Company

With women soon making close to 50 percent of the global population, they are also nearing half of the labor force in the United States. But while the female population has made great strides to tackle a variety of employment opportunities, women are still being paid significantly less than men. You can help your business knock down gender barriers and ... Read More »

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