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What Happens When A Contractor Is Injured On Your Site?

Big builds, or small builds; organizing a construction project presents unique challenges. First, you need to have enough capital on hand with a construction loan. Then, you have to prepare to complete the project. From handling site logistics, to directing the workers, a smooth operation can fast become a bumpy road if important details are overlooked. So can you safely ... Read More »

5 Attributes That Talented Business Coaches Have In Common

A business coach is a senior figure, usually a successful businessperson themselves, who can teach you new ways to improve your business and advise on decisions. However, there are somewhere near 53,300 business coaches today according to the International coach Federation. At a cost of hundreds an hour, you might wonder whether the cost will be worth it compared to ... Read More »

5 Lessons Your Excel Online Training Course Should Teach

Everyone related to marketing and business know that Microsoft’s Excel program is probably one of the most powerful programs in the modern computer toolkit. It’s ability to organize and present data has completely changed the world since its first appearance. However, Excel takes the phrase “Easy to Learn, Hard to Master,” to a bold extreme. While most people can learn ... Read More »

How These Business Writing Rules Transform Your Skills

At heart, all good business comes down to communication. The ability to convey ideas correctly and convincingly is essential. As a result, an aspiring businessperson needs to be gifted in communication to expand a business. There are already plenty of manuals about how to handle a business meeting. However, are you as good in a business letter? Being a good ... Read More »

What Type Of Company Life Insurance Benefits To Offer Employees

In the business world, a group life insurance policy is considered a common benefit. It is inexpensive for a company to provide. The premiums are low and within the reach of most employees who can properly manage their credit or debit. Most importantly, once started, they are simple for an HR department to administer. However, for an HR team looking ... Read More »

5 Solutions To Optimize Call Tracking For Customer Interactions

In the past decade call tracking has become an essential tool for marketing. Call tracking uses separate phone number for each of a business’ ad campaigns. This means a company can determine which specific ads attract customer. However, many marketing professionals still wonder if call tracking can do more for them. The answer is yes. Call tracking can be the ... Read More »

How To Say Farewell To A Retiring Employee With A Party

Retirement is something that people dream of for years. But when the day finally comes to clock out for the final time, most people feel a twinge of nostalgia and momentary concern. As an employer, you can ensure they feel loved and supported by hosting a touching farewell ceremony. Throw A Meaningful Retirement Party There are certain phases of life ... Read More »

How To Offer Gap Health Insurance To Your Employees

Strong health insurance is an important factor for all business owners to offer their employees. Good health insurance does not come without a price, however. Some deductibles can be very expensive, especially when the policy covers senior home care in the future. Many employers have combated the strain of this out-of-pocket expense by offering optional gap health insurance. This kind ... Read More »

5 Benefits Of Cloud Based POS Systems For Restaurants

There is a belief among owners and managers of restaurants that the old technology is trustworthy compared to the newer technologies in the industry. You could ask why should you change something that has worked for years? This is especially true of the point of sale, or POS, system. Why should you trust your most important system to a new ... Read More »

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