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5 Ways Branded Office Stationery Boosts Business Capabilities

Office stationary is one of those old fashioned business supplies that many modern business owners have let fall the wayside. This can be detrimental, however. Having branded office stationary poses quite a few benefits to small business owners in particular. Of course, too few business owners recognize these advantages. This is especially true of digital businesses, who are more concerned ... Read More »

How Does The Fedloan Student Loans Work?

If you swim in federal student loans, chances are they’re serviced by AES-PHEAA, under the name of FedLoan. It’s good to know that each federal loan is given to a servicing company for collection and management. However, you don’t choose which one. This actually means that, even if you have to pay the department of education, that’s not where your ... Read More »

How A Sourcing Company Improves Your Production Supply

A sourcing company assists other companies with buying materials, supplies or products for production. They are able to source these items at lower prices than the client company. The sourcing company finds products and supplies in different countries to save money. Of course, the price for different products varies across the world. So a sourcing company can work to reduce ... Read More »

The Costs Of 401K For Small Business Employers To Offer Plans

401K plans are sought after by employees. Many large companies and corporations will offer attractive 401K benefits. This helps keep their employees on track with investment planning for retirement. However, it can be tough for the small business to offer 401K plans to its employees. As a small business owner, you should consider the costs of 401K plans for you ... Read More »

How Managers Choose A JavaScript Library For Business Development

Choosing the right JavaScript framework or library can have a major impact on a business. Depending on which library you choose, the business could have a higher level of risk, increased time to implementation and long term maintenance obligations. In order to choose the right library, managers must make the technology selection a strategic decision. In this post, you will ... Read More »

How A Cover Letter Helps You Get That New Job

May people associate job hunting with resume writing and rewriting. While crafting a good resume is important, it does not paint a full picture of one’s skill sets. If you are a job seeker trying to make a positive impress on human resources, a cover letter could be even more important than the resume. It presents the opportunity to explain ... Read More »

How To Go About Getting A Commercial Driving License

Driving commercial vehicles can be a lucrative career path, and one with a lot of opportunity. However in order to drive any type of commercial vehicle in the United States, you’ll first need to get your Commercial Driving License (CDL). At first glance getting a CDL may look a bit confusing, but there is a streamlined way to go about ... Read More »

5 Data Processing Frameworks For Businesses In The Information Age

The evolution of big data impacts every business and customer. By 2020, we are expected to have over 44 trillion gigabytes of information in the digital universe. Information is ballooning to incredible volumes, and to be useful to business owners, it must be transformed into something meaningful. Storage is not enough. Business leaders who use data must be able to ... Read More »

Why Brand Differentiation Matters When Marketing Your Business

Some marketing standards are the same no matter how big your business is or what type of business you run. You need to raise brand awareness, build trust, and establish your brand identity. But how you do those things will vary dramatically based on the specifics of your business. It’s important that you think about your goals, your business type, ... Read More »

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