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7 Uses For Bridging Loans For Start-Ups

Bridging loans are experiencing a surge in popularity, with the current demand increasing constantly – but why is this? Bridging loans have been a mainstay in the lending industry for a long time, traditionally associated with property. Whilst their use with property still remains popular, with the rise of the modern start-up business, bridging loans are experiencing a new lease ... Read More »

What You Need to Know About Home Based Jobs

Thanks to the internet, people are increasingly turning to home based jobs as an alternative to an office working environment. It’s great when home based jobs for moms can offer flexibility and reduced overheads in a wide variety of professions. Additionally, the home office environment can be a lot less stressful. It’s not without its pitfalls, however, so here is ... Read More »

5 Reasons Successful Reverse Mergers Are Better Than IPOs

Companies go publish for many reasons. In order to take a company public, a private company can take over a year going through the IPO process. As you can imagine, a growing company would want to maximize their time and resources after incorporation. In today’s fast paced business environment, corporate managers can look at several successful reverse mergers that turn ... Read More »

A Snapchat Marketing Guide To Earn Media Attention

The best marketing departments know that adopting new platforms early on could give them a considerable advantage over the competition. Not too long ago, snapchat was that platform, attracting thousands of additional impressions for brands. As a marketing specialist, it’s not too late to start your snapchat marketing efforts. Respectively, the platform is still young and growing. There is plenty ... Read More »

3 Main Communication Methods To Best Serve Your Customers

Technical support primarily has three different ways to provide the kind of service that the client needs. It is either by Email, Telephone or Live Chat. Each of these media has it’s good points as long as it matches the nature of your service or product. What you have to remember is that you need to choose the most convenient ... Read More »

5 Promotional Advertising Ideas To Increase Product Awareness

The concept of promotional advertising requires an understanding of two main concepts. Firstly, advertising is the outreach that companies use to create brand awareness. Meanwhile, promotions are deals or sales that encourage customers to buy now rather than later. Now, you might be wondering, what is promotional advertising? It’s simply putting together your advertising and promotional efforts to increase awareness ... Read More »

How To Access Airport Lounges With Business Class Perks

A solid corporate travel policy can come with many perks. Although, sitting at a terminal gate way isn’t very fun when your flight has been delayed for two hours. At that point, your business class seating does little to get you on that plane sooner or closer to home. Yet, a business class traveler can access thousands of airport lounges ... Read More »

4 Basic Marketing Principles Of Click-Through Rates

It is no more a secret that the email marketing is an excellent way to connect with the potential customers, prospects, and everyone who is important to your business or your organization. But, have you ever thought that your emails did a profitable job of engaging a huge audience? Hopefully, you might have taken some specific steps to get more ... Read More »

How To Report Scammer Business Unethical Or Fraudulent Practices

Everyone should conduct business with a sense of morale code and ethics. Looking at some of the wealthiest entrepreneurs in history, they tend to operate by the golden rule – doing onto others as they would have done to themselves. If everyone were to follow this rule, there would be much less conflict when doing business. As a business owner, ... Read More »

Why Is Liability Insurance Necessary For Contractors And Their Businesses?

Many people view insurance as protection against unknown risks. But that’s not exactly true. These policies protect against foreseeable risks. For example, it is foreseeable, although not inevitable, that a soldier will be shot in battle or a firefighter will get wet when responding to a structure fire. General liability insurance (GL) policies protect your business against foreseeable risks. It ... Read More »

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