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Yes, Newspaper Advertisement Placements Still Work And Here’s Why

Does newspaper advertising still work? Considering the digital age we live and work in, printed paper news might seem a little old school. Contrary to this notion, newspaper advertisement placements are highly effective. Marketing professionals should be using newspapers and print media to increase their advertising ROI. In this post, we’ll cover why newspaper advertisement placements are working alongside other ... Read More »

Why Even Small Businesses Need Event Marketing For Leads

The size of people’s businesses sometimes scares them into believing that there is nothing they can do to increase sales and broaden the customer base. To the contrary, there is a lot that even the smallest business can do to get a bump in attention. One of the things that a small business can do is host an event. Of ... Read More »

3 Tools That Help A Family Business Run More Efficiently

Family businesses are often small businesses with operations in the local domain as a brick and mortal store. Unfortunately, many family businesses are being forced to downsize their operations or close shop because they can’t compete effectively against larger chains. Interestingly, startups are also chasing small businesses out of business because they use technology and digital solutions to operate more ... Read More »

Why You Should be Investing In Foreign Prospects

Saving money just isn’t going to be enough to meet your financial goals. You’ll never be able to save enough money to fund your whole retirement. Nor will you be able to save enough to buy the luxury home of your dreams or to take luxury vacations year after year. If you really want to protect your future and enjoy ... Read More »

Five Ways To Retain Top Talent And Keep Employees Happy

For businesses big and small, protecting the mental health of employees is becoming an increasing priority. Having supportive and understanding policies in place and open company culture ideas (which allows people to discuss any struggles they are facing) is both a human and business decision. It upholds a business’s duty of care to their employees, as well as reducing the ... Read More »

How To Be Your Own Boss In A Booming Industry

Starting a business takes a lot of courage, knowledge, time and resources. In order to be your own boss, you have to forgo the comfort of employment. Instead, you pay yourself and hopefully many others who work for you. While the notion of being a boss sounds enticing, it can be risky and tough. To help you become your own ... Read More »

5 Reasons Why Top 500 Internet Retail Companies Prefer Magento

WordPress is famous but when it comes to ecommerce stores, one out of four businesses choose Magento. Statistics show that Magento is one of the top 3 providers to the top 500 retail companies worldwide. So why do top 500 internet retail businesses prefer using Magento? If your ecommerce store is powered by WordPress (or any other platform), are you ... Read More »

Four Steps To Starting Out As A Freelance Paralegal

If working as a paralegal is the perfect job for you but you want to be your own boss, then the great news is that you can have a successful career as a freelance paralegal. Offering freelance paralegal services can be an inexpensive and effective venture, if you know what you are doing and use the right strategies for building ... Read More »

How To Develop An In-House Call Center For Better Sales And Service

A call center can benefit your business by increasing leads, improving conversions, and providing improved customer service. By using one your customers are more likely to buy after they have their questions answered or more likely to become loyal customers if their complaints are heard and addressed. In short, using a call center does almost everything you need to enhance ... Read More »

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