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5 Considerations For Implementing A Pre-Employment Assessment

The idea of implementing a pre-employment assessment can seem like a daunting undertaking for hiring managers. After all, they are already tasked with the arduous job of reviewing resumes, interviewing candidates and providing recommendations for new hires. When used correctly, however, a pre-employment assessment can actually save the hiring manager’s valuable time during the process. Additionally, it can lessen the ... Read More »

How To Roll Out A 401(K) Small Business Plan

There is a sophisticated, multi-step process to roll out a 401(k) plan for your small business. With modern advances in payroll and record keeping, it is easier than ever to do so. Offering a 401(k) shows employees that you value them and are committed to their continued employment. This helps business owners to retain the top talent even in a ... Read More »

Why Small Business Owners Need Geofencing Platforms

Small business owners are continually looking for ways to improve efficiencies. One valuable approach for achieving this goal is utilizing geofencing platforms. The technology uses data from sources like GPS or Wi-Fi to pinpoint a person’s location. This allows small business owners to set virtual boundaries and track a defined population. Using geofencing platforms to track employees and customers conforms ... Read More »

How eCommerce Order Management Software Improves Fulfillment

eCommerce order management software offers business owners numerous features that improve order fulfillment. eCommerce platform management can be an extremely complex for business owners. On top of processing and distributing online orders, you have several business aspects to simultaneously monitor. eCommerce order management software helps you monitor and streamline these essential functions. Being aware of the different features offered, helps ... Read More »

5 Emerging Trends In The Cloud Faxing Market

As cloud services continue to see massive adoption across enterprises, more small businesses are also looking at ways to streamline their day-to-day operations to increase efficiency. With the continued decline of the last remaining technology relics of the 20th century, cloud faxing has emerged as one of the technologies that small businesses are adopting. Fax remains a significant piece of ... Read More »

5 Business Process Modeling Software Tools That Maximize Efficiency

Operations managers need the right tools to maximize efficiency. Business process modeling software does just that. This software offers a variety of workflow programs that allow companies to play out different business scenarios. They also provide numerous graphical representations of company data. These tools help businesses maximize their productive efforts. Any potential problems are easily identified and remedied using this ... Read More »

A Guide To Creating A Valuable HR Onboarding Checklist

The checklist for the HR onboarding process plays a vital role in introducing a new employee to the company’s culture. A checklist helps you preform the best onboarding practices. Human resource professionals know that a valuable onboarding checklist establishes a positive first impression. It is also responsible for increasing employee retention rates and boosting productivity. The checklist, when done right, ... Read More »

5 Essential Steps To Configure An Offshore Development Center

Ever think about sending some of your software development activities abroad? If you have thought about it, you probably faced a range of questions. Some of the most popular issues include what areas should you focus on and how to choose a partner for such an activity? Yet the most important question would be about how you achieve success and ... Read More »

5 Qualities To Look When Hiring A Social Media Manager

HR professionals are responsible for hiring social media managers. Social media managers are responsible for formulating and executing a strong social media strategy. This strategy is an essential aspect of marketing campaigns in the digital age. When used correctly, social media helps you learn about potential clients and partners. It also provides you with significant useful information about your industry. ... Read More »

How To Find The Right Vendors For Your Baby Clothing Boutique

Baby clothing boutique owners want to know how to find the right vendors for their store. There are a variety of factors to consider when sourcing merchandise. This includes location and shipping costs. You also want to find vendors with merchandise that caters to your audience. Baby clothing boutiques are known for providing items that are not available in department ... Read More »

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