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Top 3 Palantir Software Alternatives For Small Business Data Management

Palantir Software is a privately owned technology company based out of Palo Alto, California, like every other company in the artificial intelligence industry. Palantir is widely known for their development of software specifically for the United States government, including agencies like the FBI. You may have heard of Palantir Software recently being made available to privately-owned, civilian businesses. Unfortunately, Palantir’s ... Read More »

How To Speak In Public Without Nerves For Most Effective Speeches Ever

Public speaking is present in nearly every aspect of business. Meetings with clients, promoters, partners and other companies require a great deal of speaking. This is true for both in person meetings and online meetings. Your orating skills factor into how well you get your message across. Public speaking is important for marketing, as well. If you prepare a presentation ... Read More »

Little Known Sale Lease Back Advantages For Property Management

Real estate assets like land and buildings are non-essential investments that can weigh heavily on your finances. You have the option to sell the property as long as you have real estate insurance. However, they likely serve an important purpose in your business activities. This is where a sale lease back comes in handy. A sale lease back allows you ... Read More »

SDB Certification Guidelines To Help Disadvantaged Business Owners

When a business achieves a SDB certification, they are self-representing as a Small Disadvantaged Business. This certification can be vital to receiving federal help for your business, such as the 8(a) Business Development Program. If you are at a social or economic disadvantage, your business may qualify for consideration as a Small Disadvantaged Business. To register for your SDB certification ... Read More »

Navigating Hot Button Issues Successfully As A Small Business Owner

Hot button issues like minimum wage increases, pardons and employment law changes can affect the way you run your business. Increased payment obligations can become a burden on your finances. Changes in employment law can affect the way you run your daily business activities. These are important issues that can influence the direction your business takes. If you are a ... Read More »

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