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Top Business Banking Solutions With No Maintenance Fees Cost Savings

A bank is not just a safe location for your money. Your choice in banking account can affect the way your business runs on a daily basis. Transaction limits will factor into how many transactions your business can make without paying fees, which greatly affects resource management practices. Additionally, monthly maintenance fees will factor into expense calculations. In order to ... Read More »

No Female President For United States, But Women In Leadership Grows

With the Democratic party ready to nominate a female candidate for president, many people are getting excited about the idea of having a female president. Younger generations are used to the idea of women in authority roles, as more women are running their own businesses, and registering a company than ever before. The business environment and dynamics have changed drastically ... Read More »

Best Franchises For Women Who Prioritize Flexibility And Community

Women are increasingly becoming franchise owners in the United States. 25% of franchises are wholly owned by women and 45% of franchises are co-owned by women. When looking at female owned and operated businesses, several patterns arise. Companies looking to attract women to join their smoothie franchise or similar may wish to encourage the following patterns that were found in ... Read More »

What Millennial Media Acquisition Means For Future Mobile Ad Buying

AOL recently purchased Millennial Media, an advertising company that places ads on mobile devices. Recent financial performance of Millennial Media might make marketing managers wonder why AOL would do such a thing. If you are a stock investor, here are some things you should know about the acquisition and what it means for the future of AOL’s advertising division. Millennial ... Read More »

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