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Five Innovative Business Ideas For The Next Ten Years

It would be great if everyone could predict his or her own life in five or ten years. But we can only make some predictions and suppositions basing on our personal experience and some consistent patterns from the past. We have interviewed experts from to find out what are the trends in business and asked them to provide five ... Read More »

Why Create An Employee Referral Program To Promote Company Culture

Creating an employee referral program can be one of the best things you do for your new business. Employee referral programs are incredibly popular in business. They have become one of the biggest small business trends of recent years. These referral programs have proven to impact business operations far beyond the hiring process alone. If you are considering implementing an ... Read More »

How Local Business Citations Legitimize Your Company Online

Most business owners try to get their local listing on Google to be seen by potential customers. However, small businesses only focus on one platform. They have a lot more to gain from business citations online. Especially, local business citations can improve your company awareness. Most importantly, these tips will show how citations legitimize your company. Local Business Listings Market ... Read More »

4 Actionable Ways To Revive A Dying Business From Failure

Over 50 percent of businesses fail within the first five years. However, failure doesn’t happen overnight. If you take a closer look at the functioning of a business, you’ll spot key signs that can help you determine failure months before it occurs. Some of the signs include poor cash-flow, low sales, lack of innovation, and inability to embrace digital transformation. Oftentimes ... Read More »

Machine Learning Applications Make Small Business Elevate Potential

Machine learning is revolutionizing society around the globe. Naturally, the business sector was quick to adapt these new machine learning technologies for a variety of applications. But for many small business owners, machine learning technology just seems a bit too far out of reach. Thankfully, this is not true. Small business owners like yourself can also benefit from utilizing new ... Read More »

How To Write Legal Contracts For Business That Can’t Be Contested

All business owners understand the importance of contracts. They can help protect businesses and business owners themselves from any number of potential harms or liabilities. However, many business owners do not actually know how to create a legal contract on their own. It is not difficult to make legal contracts that can protect your business once you know how to ... Read More »

How To Run A Car Dealership Business With Added Profits

The car dealership business has many income streams. Most people focus on sales and servicing. They miss out on another huge auto industry to profit from. Typically, the car restoration business is typically reserved for professionals who specialize in that niche. If you are running a car dealership, you might want to consider putting your service department to work restoring ... Read More »

5 Ways Leadership Development Programs Benefit Business Success

Professional development is always a talked about topic in business. Recently, leadership development programs have come into the conversation among employers. Many top companies have leadership development programs in place to groom entry-level employees for positions with greater responsibility. But, are they actually benefiting employers at all? Or, are they just benefiting the employees themselves? We can answer that question ... Read More »

Little-Known Ways Learnerships Benefit Employers In South Africa

Learnerships help young South Africans develop work skills that can help them have a long, lucrative career in their chosen industry. These apprenticeship programs benefit future members of the workforce, of course. But, what do they do for business owners like you? There are quite a number of ways that learnership programs benefit business too. Find out how, below. Skilled ... Read More »

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