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How To Develop An Online IT Training Course For Customers

The 21st century workplace has become one of rapid technical change. To adapt to this, companies now engage in non-stop training for their IT departments. This has led to a rise in companies producing online IT training, to meet the demand.  Any tech entrepreneur entering this field will find stiff competition and high standards. In this market, quality is important ... Read More »

How To Reach Customers In A DIY-Obsessed Culture

When a homeowner has an issue with his washing machine, the first thing he does is type the problem into YouTube and look for a solution he can perform without calling a plumber. In fact, there are many DIY projects that save you money at home. When an individual wants to start saving for retirement, she doesn’t call up a ... Read More »

How A Business Appraisal Assists In Accomplishing Startup Goals

Business valuation, or business appraisal, means articulating the value of your business. This can be daunting if you’ve never done it before, but it’s a worthwhile task. Many small business forums will recommend that you get an appraisal after reaching certain revenue targets. It can help you better plan for the future. If you’re thinking about getting your business appraised, here ... Read More »

How To Meet Business Mentors Through Networking Activities

Even the best entrepreneurs started somewhere. When it comes to starting a business, you need good business mentors to get from Point A to Point B. Some new entrepreneurs may want to have a source to go to, when it comes to asking questions about how to grow and manage their own business. But with all the businesses out there, ... Read More »

Enter The New Business Of Laser Cutting And Engraving

One of the most exciting new technologies in manufacturing today is the rapid advance of laser cutting machines. These devices have gone from very expensive and complicated devices, to smaller and more efficient machines that can be used for all sorts of projects. You can even start a laser cutting business and learn how to work from home. With this ... Read More »

5 Considerations To Get An Entrepreneurship Degree In College

So, you want to break into the exciting world owning your own small business. It is a popular thought to have these days, and Colleges and Universities all over the country have obliged, creating Entrepreneurship degrees in their business schools to train the next generation of start-up founders. However, before you join what has become the third most popular major ... Read More »

5 Mobile Monetization Strategies For Your Platform

Mobile platforms are an increasingly important aspect of business. Companies understand that the majority of their customers are not just online, they are going mobile. Entrepreneurs have worked hard to build innovative companies entirely on mobile platforms, experiencing significant business success. Whether it’s a mobile app, website or other platform, a commonality between successful startups are their ability to monetize ... Read More »

Top 5 Brand Consulting Business Startup Tips To Build Up A Client List Quickly

Brand consulting can be an extremely lucrative business endeavor. The services of consulting businesses are constantly in high demand by small business owners and large corporations alike. If you are a marketing expert with quite a bit of professional experience who knows all the steps involved in the trademark invention process, you have a good chance at success when you ... Read More »

How To Get Silicon Valley Investors For Your Startup

Silicon Valley investors can make a huge impact on the success of your startup. From funding to operations, every experienced investor has tactical expertise they offer to entrepreneurs. However, if you do not have the business partners or connections, it can be very difficult to get funding for your startup. Fortunately, you can make the funding process a lot smoother. ... Read More »

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