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How To Complete The Means Test For Filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

If you are a professional struggling with debt, you may already know that Chapter 7 bankruptcy is not available to everyone. The court will take you through something called the means test to determine your eligibility. If the test shows that you can pay back all or some of your unsecured debts such as medical bills, credit card balances, and ... Read More »

What Is The Best Credit Card For Self Employed Business Owners?

Self employed individuals need to separate their personal expenses from their business expenses by getting the best credit cards for self employed. Then, they can stay organized and financially stable. If you are a business owner who wants to follow the best financial practices, you need to apply for a quality credit card. You cannot succeed with just any business ... Read More »

5 Home Renovation Loan Options To Finance Your Fixer Upper

Home renovation loans enable homeowners to create the homes of their dreams out of fixer uppers. As a new homeowner who recently purchased a fixer upper, you cannot finance and repair your house with a normal fixed-rate mortgage. You need to apply for the best home renovation loans instead. They will allow you to rehab your new property how you ... Read More »

How To Negotiate With Your Cable Provider For Lower Prices

Business owners often want to upgrade their cable packages. However, negotiating good prices for these upgrades is not an easy feat. Not everybody knows that many cable service providers offer benefits that they do not advertise.┬áPeople who are bold enough to ask, get to an agreement with the service providers. They pay a negotiated price for these hidden perks. The ... Read More »

5 Office Moving Budget Costs To Factor Into Account

Often times, business owners underestimate the cost of relocating their companies. As a result, they set their office moving budgets incorrectly and end up in deep water. If you want to avoid this common occurrence and maintain a positive financial situation for your business, you need to learn what the main relocation expenses are. Dedicate a small portion of your ... Read More »

5 Main Parts Of A Business Debt Reduction Plan That Works

When businesses begin to drown in debt, they need to start operating on debt reduction plans. As a business owner struggling to keep your company above water, you need to learn how to reduce debt legally and efficiently. If you take action immediately, you have a higher chance of saving your company. However, if you react hastily, you could push ... Read More »

5 Ways A Home Warranty Can Improve Your Financial Situation

Home warranties are as often hyped as a savior for homeowners as a waste of money. Home warranties do come with a price tag, and they don’t eliminate your need for homeowners insurance. You should also still acquire mortgage protection insurance. However, there are a number of financial benefits to having a warranty on your home. Continue reading to discover ... Read More »

How To Refinance A Home With Bad Credit

In the past, homeowners with low credit scores struggled to refinance their homes. They tried to learn how to refinance a home, but had little luck due to their poor credit history. Fortunately, homeowners today have better luck. As a homeowner with poor credit, you can still fulfill your dream to refinance your mortgage. Your credit could have dropped for ... Read More »

How To Choose Best Bank For Checking To Boost Financial Performance

The right business checking account can provide entrepreneurs a solid foundation for future financial stability and success. There are a number of different business banking solutions to choose from. Capital One Spark Business is not the only option available. Some are much better than others. When you are ready to incorporate a business, you should first focus on picking the ... Read More »

5 Business Ideas For Accountants To Earn Higher Income

The field of accounting is changing at a rapid pace, and savvy professionals understand that doing the bare minimum is no longer profitable. Accountants in many ways have been replaced by robust bookkeeping and accounting software packages. For this reason, many recent graduates do not know what to do with an accounting degree. Clients no longer need people to do ... Read More »

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