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The Bottom Line: Essential And Non-Essential Startup Expenses

Investors talk about how angels should look at whether a company is good, and what makes a bad investment. They say that poor investments involve putting money into problems, or someone who is constantly overwhelmed and in danger of giving up. This happens often because founders take on too much. Some things are worth paying for, others, not so much. ... Read More »

How To Get A Mortgage If You Are Self-Employed

If you are self-employed, it can be confusing navigating the mortgage application process. Business owners, freelancers and other self-employed professionals often feel like they have to jump through hoops to get approved for a mortgage. This is very similar to how business owners feel about IRA rules. However, it does not have to be that complicated if you use these ... Read More »

How To Build Business Credit Fast For Maximum Scalability

A new business cannot function without business credit. It is extremely rare for a business owner to not require some financial assistance in the early stages. However, you will first need to build business credit in order to secure the financial assistance you need at agreeable rates. Keep reading below to learn how to build business credit quickly and easily. ... Read More »

How To Pick The Best Travel Credit Card

Have you ever got stuck looking at a large amount of travel credit cards? Don’t worry. Today, people spend hours comparing miscellaneous solutions, rewards and bonuses systems and still need professional help for choosing the right one. For example, certain business travel cards offer a complimentary Priority Pass to airport lounges. If you are here, you are a lucky one ... Read More »

How The IRS Fresh Start Initiative Reduces Business Tax Liabilities

Every profitable business in the United States pays taxes to the government. To help taxpayers understand and meet their obligations, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) provides instructional, compliance and enforcement services. As a financial professional, you want to ensure that your company is tax compliant. Sometimes, small businesses as well as major corporations do not comply with the tax laws. ... Read More »

5 Ways To Cut Costs On Your Business Start Up

Starting a new business can be an exciting time. It’s an opportunity to take a new course – a chance to move away from working for other people and make your own money. For savvy entrepreneurs and business minds, starting up a business comes naturally, but for everyone else, it can be a stressful and costly time. If you want ... Read More »

What A 403b Retirement Plan Offers In Terms Of Financial Options

While working in business, many companies offer retirement contribution plans. These are typically known as retirement accounts. Most commonly, you might have heard of 401k retirement accounts. However, these are only for professionals working the in private sector who may have a workplace pension. As an executive working in the public or non-for-profit sectors, a 403(b) retirement plan offer the ... Read More »

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