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How Resume Scanning Software Works To Streamline Recruitment

In the human resources field, resume scanning software has streamlined the application and recruitment process. These systems have optimized the process of identifying the best candidates even before rounds of interviews begin. Thus, they take resume screening to a whole new level and reduce HR tasks. As the manager of a human resources department, you need to know how these ... Read More »

5 Innovative Recruiting Strategies In Science Education

As the field of science education becomes more and more demanding, HR managers need to use innovative recruiting strategies to find candidates. Educational institutions across the country are struggling to fill STEM positions in recent years. As the hiring manager for a school, you need to find new and innovative tactics for attracting the best applicants. The tried and true ... Read More »

How To Write A Successful Cover Letter For Your Career

The modern labor market offers plenty of employment opportunities for any work experience and qualifications. But it does not mean that the candidate will not have to compete for a prestigious position and prove his or her professional aptitude. And a single resume as a generally accepted attribute of a job applicant becomes insufficient against a background of a highly ... Read More »

A Guide To The Different Types Of HR Certification Programs

The field of human resources has numerous types of HR certification programs for professionals to build their resumes. These programs enable professionals to improve their abilities as well as their appeal to employers. As a hopeful human resources manager, it is important that you know what certifications to take advantage of in order to stand out among other applicants. While ... Read More »

What Is Involved In A Workers’ Compensation Case?

All organizations in the United States are legally required to provide some sort of workers’ compensation insurance for their employees, in case any harm is enacted on them while on the job. This can apply to many different scenarios. An employee could fall ill on the job because of unsanitary conditions. They could lose a finger or a limb while ... Read More »

5 HR PEO Services To Support Your Company Staffing

Professional Employer Organizations (PEO) are excellent corporations to provide support and services to a human resources department. As a business owner, seeking assistance from these companies can help you grow by taking administrative duties out of your hands. These companies provide services that allow you to focus directly on maintaining your business. PEOs traditionally handle tasks like payroll, training, support, and outsourcing. If you ... Read More »

5 Ways HR Case Management Tools Improve Department Workflow

Human resource teams excel when they use HR case management tools. In order for HR managers like you to take advantage of the features these tools offer, you need to first understand the power behind HR case management itself. This form of management involves employee requests and questions. Businesses that use case management software for human resources improve their productivity ... Read More »

How To Use Video Marketing To Attract Top Talent

Marketing is used for many things. Not only do businesses market their products and services to consumers, but businesses must also market to job seekers. One of the best types of content to use when hiring and recruiting is videos. Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to hire an employment agency to create and use videos to attract ... Read More »

How To Select The Best Technology Headhunters For Your Company

When a tech company is looking to fill a position, they may turn to technology headhunters to find the perfect candidate. Technology company owners such as yourself need to know how to find the best headhunting agencies to fill their openings quickly. Employment headhunters specialize in finding you the best candidates by approaching promising applicants working for other companies. If you ... Read More »

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