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Best Bookkeeping Certifications to Hire Better Candidates

There are many great bookkeeping certifications to look for when hiring better candidates. As businesses expand and their transactions become more complex, hiring bookkeeping professionals becomes necessary. Those recruiting bookkeepers typically ensure candidates have proper attitudes, orientations, and skills needed to make informed, financially efficient decisions. As an HR professional looking for bookkeepers, understand several bookkeeping certifications to ensure your ... Read More »

Best Certifications for a Human Resources Management Degree

  There are many great certifications to add to a human resources management degree. Human resources (HR) professionals handle several responsibilities in the workplace such as coordinating administration, development, and training. In fact, there are many HR certificate programs that specialize in different skills specific to the discipline. These skills include leadership, workplace strategy, employment law, and talent acquisition/management. As ... Read More »

7 Easy Ways To Reduce The Turnover Rates

Employee turnover is something that always makes every HR team lose its sleep! High turnover rates are a nightmare, and organizations can literally fall down into deep pits of losses if they fail to curb it. Sadly, with the pandemic looming large and the talent crunch creating a huge shortage of skilled candidates, the retention rates only promise to get ... Read More »

How To Do Payroll Yourself With An LLC

There are several steps to doing payroll yourself with an LLC. In fact, there are a few different methods for self-employed LLC entrepreneurs to compensate themselves. Usually, these entrepreneurs take a salary or an owner’s draw. Alternatively, you can buy a franchise to run operations smoothly. All methods have differing requirements and regulations around them. As an entrepreneur, you should ... Read More »

How To Post A Job On Indeed For Free

There are several steps to posting a job on Indeed for free. Indeed is currently the largest job board in the United States and represents 16.36% of the global job board market share. Of course, posting to this board significantly expands the number of applicants your jobs will reach without any monetary investment. As an HR professional, provide enterprise-quality reach ... Read More »

What Are The Most Common Workplace Hazards?

Accidents are an unfortunate inevitability of our everyday lives. No matter how careful we are, unforeseen circumstances can crop up at any time and present a danger to both our physical and mental well being. And with so much of our adult lives spent at work, it stands to reason that our mishaps frequently occur at our place of employment. ... Read More »

Top 5 Methods Background Screening Companies Use For Employers

The top background screening companies utilize several methods to find perfect hires for employers. These businesses verify crucial candidate information such as their identity, criminal, employment, and education histories, as well as driving records. Of course, this background information determines a candidate’s fit for a specified position. Additionally, they avoid potential legal issues and maintain the safety of all employees. ... Read More »

5 Critical Rights Of 1099 Employee Contract Workers

1099 employee contract workers have several crucial rights delegated to them. In fact, knowledge of these various rights ensures the proper classification of employees and independent contractors. Misidentifying these workers often exposes businesses to significant legal and financial penalties. Of course, many of these contractors use temporary work to start earning income. As an HR professional, avoid these penalties while ... Read More »

5 Ways Conducting Webinars Can Improve Real Estate Recruitment

Real estate agent recruitment can cost your brokerage a lot of time and money, especially if you don’t have a well-defined strategy in place. To succeed in this aspect of business, you need to learn more effective ways to attract, screen, and hire the right candidates. One solution for these recruiting concerns is to use technology, such as CRM software, ... Read More »

5 Financial Risk Management Certification Requirements

Obtaining financial risk management certification is an attractive field for many aspiring professionals. The job offers high pay, stable employment, and does not require a college degree. In 2018, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated that, on average, a financial risk manager made over $125,000 annually. Prospective financial risk managers looking to gain certification and obtain a job in ... Read More »

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