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5 Reasons Your CFO Training May Need An Overhaul

Human resource professionals know that the employee onboarding process typically starts with onboarding and continues throughout the employee’s tenure. It can involve education about the company in a general sense or be as granular as grooming someone for a specific function. Seasoned HR professionals have an arsenal of programs in place to address all of these events. However, keeping up ... Read More »

How To Help Employees Navigate LLC Health Insurance

There are several steps to help employees successfully navigate LLC health insurance. Health insurance plans and packages are an incredibly complex and challenging process. Before employees decide on a plan, there are several considerations to keep in mind. Understanding the positive and negative aspects of different types of plans will help you guide your employees through the process of choosing ... Read More »

4 Ways To Make Employees Aware Of Their Rights And Privileges

Your employees play a crucial role in the growth and success of your organization. Aside from the benefits that the company provides, your staff is also protected by federal and state-mandated labor laws. As an employer, your role does not end by merely complying with these laws and regulations. It is also your role to make employees aware of their ... Read More »

5 IT Certification Classes For Beginners In Tech

There are several essential IT certification classes for beginners in tech to consider before launching their career. With more opportunities opening up across the IT field, many tech enthusiasts are interested in courses to launch their careers. The top IT certification courses boost your technical knowledge and increase the career opportunities available for you. By participating in several online courses, ... Read More »

How To Conduct A Candidate Search Thoroughly

HR managers are tasked with recruiting new candidates for their company. A successful recruitment strategy begins with a thorough candidate search. Candidate searching opens up your talent pool significantly. Additionally, sourced candidates prove more efficient than those who simply apply. In today’s competitive job market, you can not rely on candidates to come to you. Research shows that only 36% ... Read More »

4 Tips For Getting Your HVAC Certification Or HVAC Licensing

When you want to get your HVAC certification or license, you have a few options. Working on air conditioning units can be a rewarding job because everyone loves to see you when you arrive. You can work on residential units, commercial or restaurant space, and you can work for large companies, small outfits, or start your own business. Use these ... Read More »

6 Employee Onboarding Forms That Enhance The Workplace Experience

Hiring managers want to know how they can increase employee retention rates. Using innovative forms during onboarding will help you achieve this goal. Of course, certain onboarding forms are mandatory. Every hiring manager is required by law to provide withholding forms to their employees. There are, however, additional documents that will improve your onboarding process. These inventive forms cater more ... Read More »

5 Features Of A Successful Candidate Relationship Management System

A candidate relationship management (CRM) system makes it easy for hiring managers to organize their recruitment workflows. When properly integrated, a CRM system is much more efficient than just posting jobs online. A CRM system effectively manages each step in the hiring process. Using these tools, HR professionals are better able to find the best talent for their teams. These ... Read More »

An Expert Guide To State-Funded Workers’ Compensation

Every good business owner cares about their employees. However, that doesn’t mean every employer would or could pay the expenses out of pocket should one of their employees sustain an injury while on the job. Fortunately, workers’ comp insurance exists for this exact reason. With the right plan, your insurance will cover the costs of medical treatment for the injured ... Read More »

5 Types Of Pre-Employment Assessment Tools For Hiring Managers

HR managers use pre-employment tests to gather data on candidates during the hiring process. During your new hire onboarding process, it is essential to practice with a series of pre-employment assessments. These tools provide an objective and standardized way to gain insight into the traits of prospective employees. From personality traits to critical thinking skills, these assessment tools measure a ... Read More »

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