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5 Types Of Pre-Employment Assessment Tools For Hiring Managers

HR managers use pre-employment tests to gather data on candidates during the hiring process. During your new hire onboarding process, it is essential to practice with a series of pre-employment assessments. These tools provide an objective and standardized way to gain insight into the traits of prospective employees. From personality traits to critical thinking skills, these assessment tools measure a ... Read More »

Where To Look When Hiring Developers For Your Startup

In the digital era, nearly every company is a tech company to some degree. It is thus likely that, at some point, your startup will need to add a programmer to your team. Attracting the right talent will make a huge difference for your business. It is essential to find a developer with both industry experience and the necessary programming ... Read More »

5 Ways Businesses Can Encourage Better Employee Health

No matter what business you’re involved in, your employees are your most important asset. Their well-being affects your productivity, efficiency, competitive edge, and bottom line. Still, so many don’t understand how much poor employee mental and physical health affects their operation. Poor health leads to more absenteeism, which leads to a greater strain on the rest of your workforce. This ... Read More »

5 Strategic Employee Assessment Test Questions To Ask

There are several strategic questions you need to ask on your employee assessment test. Asking the proper questions ensures you have thoroughly vetted employees before onboarding them to your team. Many candidates have been able to master the traditional interview process. Asking a series of strategic questions truly tests an employee’s knowledge, while giving you an idea of who they ... Read More »

5 Considerations For Implementing A Pre-Employment Assessment

The idea of implementing a pre-employment assessment can seem like a daunting undertaking for hiring managers. After all, they are already tasked with the arduous job of reviewing resumes, interviewing candidates and providing recommendations for new hires. When used correctly, however, a pre-employment assessment can actually save the hiring manager’s valuable time during the process. Additionally, it can lessen the ... Read More »

How To Calculate Employee Overtime Costs

Overtime cost calculation can be a stressful process for modern business owners. It is obviously essential to fairly compensate your valuable employees for their hardworking time. However, it can be simultaneously difficult to remain in compliance with local, state, and the federal government. To complicate the mix even more, you may have difficulties administering overtime pay through your company payroll ... Read More »

A Guide To Creating A Valuable HR Onboarding Checklist

The checklist for the HR onboarding process plays a vital role in introducing a new employee to the company’s culture. A checklist helps you preform the best onboarding practices. Human resource professionals know that a valuable onboarding checklist establishes a positive first impression. It is also responsible for increasing employee retention rates and boosting productivity. The checklist, when done right, ... Read More »

5 Qualities To Look When Hiring A Social Media Manager

HR professionals are responsible for hiring social media managers. Social media managers are responsible for formulating and executing a strong social media strategy. This strategy is an essential aspect of marketing campaigns in the digital age. When used correctly, social media helps you learn about potential clients and partners. It also provides you with significant useful information about your industry. ... Read More »

8 Ways To Tailor Your Resume For Your Next Job

Did you know that 40 percent of hiring managers spend less than a minute reviewing a resume? If you’ve spent a lot of time perfecting your resume, this statistic can be disheartening. So, how do you make sure your resume gets more than just a quick glance-over? In order to make your resume stand out, one of the most important ... Read More »

5 Ways To Conduct Small Business Training Successfully

It is essential for business owners to conduct small business training. A business can increase its productivity when new employees are well-trained from the start. An effective training program can grow a workforce will grow a small business. There are numerous methods to seamlessly help your trainees hit the ground running. Below are five of the most vital methods for ... Read More »

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