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5 Best Traits To Consider When You Hire Bartender

There are many traits, qualities, and characteristics to consider when hiring a bartender. Bartenders are often the faces of their businesses and the first point of contact with a business’s most important asset: customers. However, many food and drink entrepreneurs describe their most important assets as not the customers themselves, but how they’re interacted with. As a food industry HR ... Read More »

How to Create A Restaurant Training Program For Employees

There are many ways to create a restaurant training program for employees. A properly-trained restaurant staff saves owners time and money, as well as increases profitability. Restaurant owners maximize the quality of their food and service to customers by ensuring continuous, robust training of hosts, managers, as well as wait and kitchen staff. As a restaurant HR professional, work with ... Read More »

A Comprehensive Guide To Develop A Successful Benefits Strategy

For many businesses, an employee benefits strategy is something of a secondary objective. If approached correctly, it can boost your odds in times of crisis. As an HR professional, your objective is to support top talent and maintain your position as a solid business. However, creating a successful benefits strategy is not easy nor fast. Unless you are using a ... Read More »

How Accounts Receivable Courses Can Improve Job Training

Accounts receivable represent one asset of a company that requires management to avoid profit losses. Since these accounts refer to monetary balances owed to a company for products or services that have been delivered but not yet paid for, keeping track of these assets is crucial. Failure to do so can result in massive company losses and debt and business ... Read More »

5 Places To Look For High Quality Freelance Editors

There are many places to look for high quality freelance editors. Freelance editors enable businesses to create blog posts, landing pages, and more. By providing this content, businesses attract new consumers, retain existing ones, and differentiate themselves from competition. As a human resources (HR) professional, hiring skilled freelance editors allows your business to grow an audience with great business website ... Read More »

9 Reasons To Use Employee Timesheets During Working Hours

Every employer wants to ensure their employees are optimally productive each day, which is beneficial for their business. As the organization grows and the number of employees increases, it is hard to keep an eye on employee performance in business and know what they have been doing during their working hours. The employee time sheet is a data table that ... Read More »

A Beginners’ Guide To Human Resources For Small Business Success

Human resources are an essential part of any small business and are one of the most complex. Working with many different people introduces various complexities that can’t accurately be described on paper. However, human resources (HR) is an imperative part of running a small business because employees are often a company’s greatest asset. As a small business owner, general knowledge ... Read More »

5 Best Online Employee Training and Development Resources For New Hires

There are several best online employee training and development resources for new hires. Due to COVID-19 lock downs, many businesses are working in remote settings. Naturally, this can make it more difficult for new staff members to receive proper company training. Fortunately, there are many effective online tools to develop skills effectively. For example, video creation software and online training ... Read More »

When To Outsource And When To Hire For Your New Business

When you are starting a new business in the current environment, you may need to be a little creative with your hiring. The trend has been ongoing for some time with many businesses going with a remote team of employees. With the global pandemic even more have decided to keep their workers at home and operate a virtual office. Since ... Read More »

How To Create Employee Handbook In Word Digitally

In the digital age, familiarity with Microsoft Office’s Word program can greatly help a human resources manager in creating an employee handbook. Digitizing the handbook has a variety of advantages, including making it more accessible at any time. Certainly, creating an online version of the handbook helps human resources systems and processes. This has the added benefit of allowing employees ... Read More »

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