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How To Create A Corporate Travel Policy With Effective Goals

A corporate travel policy should be established prior to allowing any business travel. Human resources should create a policy that is fair and easy to understand. The policy should allow for reasonable accommodation for employees. It should also reduce unnecessary travel expenses for the business. If you are an HR manager, you may be looking for some tips on what ... Read More »

Top Corporate Trainer Certification Programs For Training Professionals

Corporate training is currently one of the best fields to get into. Jobs in this area are slated to grow by 15% by 2022. This is higher than the averages of most corporate positions. A corporate trainer’s job involves training professionals in a business environment. They are responsible for creating programs that ease employees into new jobs or facilitating ongoing ... Read More »

What To Go To College For With A Major For Career Success

If you are finishing up high school or just starting out in college, you may be thinking about what to go to college for. Unfortunately, there are no forecasting methods for this daunting task. There are many options! Even if you are not going directly into business, here are some tips to help you decide what to go to college ... Read More »

What To Bring To A Job Interview To Get Your Dream Job

Securing an interview is the most important step in getting a job. This is true whether you are a novice fresh out of college or a professional looking to switch careers. Employees and those soon to be employed should know what to bring to a job interview after a successful career fair event. Here are some tips. Your Resume Despite ... Read More »

Tips For Applying To Business School To Get Accepted Easily

Entry-level business employees who want to move up in the corporate world may want to look into getting an MBA. Usually, that means applying to business school with an accredited degree program. This is not a simple process, however, as there are many preliminary steps one must take before putting forth a convincing application. From taking exams to timing applications ... Read More »

How Excel Timesheet Simplifies Employee Hour Tracking Tasks

Excel is the best place to create, maintain and share timesheets for the business you manage. Unfortunately, it can be complicated to create an Excel timesheet from scratch if you are not all that skilled at using the software. That is where templates come to the rescue! You may worry that a template is not the right choice for you ... Read More »

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