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5 Ways Angel Investments Improve Financial Performance For Investors

Angel investing is one of the most sought after types of business financing for entrepreneurs. That is why angel investing is becoming a more exciting prospect for existing investors, just like turn key real estate investments. There is a whole lot of opportunity available within this sector. But of course, many investors still worry that the concerns of angel investing ... Read More »

Best Cryptocurrency To Buy Over Bitcoin For Maximum Blockchain Returns

Cryptocurrency investments are highly desirable right now. This is true for all investors, even those that do not know the first thing about cryptocurrency investing. Thankfully, there are plenty of investment opportunities in cryptocurrency to go around. No matter how basic your investing skills, there is an opportunity out there for you. If you are a beginner investor, there are ... Read More »

How To Trade The Commodities Multi-Billion Dollar Markets

Commodity market is one of the largest and most traded especially in times of inflation or during economic uncertainties. Commodities trader turn to commodities as a way of diversifying their investment portfolio or when in need of hedging against a particular event risk. Check out all the insights needed to make a carrier out of commodities trading below. What Is ... Read More »

Important Hedge Fund Performance Metrics To Better Manage Investments

Hedge fund performance can have a huge bearing on the performance of investment portfolios overall. If you are an investor with hedge fund holdings, you certainly want to be concerned with how those hedge funds are performing. But, researching current hedge fund performance for your Tweedy Browne funds is not enough. Savvy investors should also know the metrics that determine ... Read More »

4 Required Traits To Become A Successful Trader

Let’s say you are new in trading and you are regular in Forex. But, you are hardly able to see some profit from your trading account. Now, you are wondering, “Am I doing something wrong? Is there any mantra of becoming a good trader?” We would agree with your curiosity and tell you that there are three main mantras for ... Read More »

How To Launch An ICO In 5 Steps To Fund Projects With Cryptocurrency

ICOs, or initial coin offerings, are quickly becoming some of the most exciting investment opportunities on the market. That is why so many private equities are now becoming interested in launching an ICO. Of course, launching an ICO is quite the undertaking that requires huge amounts of research and preparation, just like an other Icahn holdings. If you want to ... Read More »

Get To Know The Altcoins That Are Real Alternatives To Bitcoin

In a our article about investing for cryptocurrency beginners, we mentioned the idea of diversifying your holdings. It can feel, particularly to beginners, as if the entire cryptocurrency market is defined by the headline-grabbing and very valuable bitcoin. Indeed, bitcoin is essentially the flagship cryptocurrency and the one that got us all thinking about crypto as an avenue for investment ... Read More »

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