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5 Reasons Successful Reverse Mergers Are Better Than IPOs

Companies go publish for many reasons. In order to take a company public, a private company can take over a year going through the IPO process. As you can imagine, a growing company would want to maximize their time and resources after incorporation. In today’s fast paced business environment, corporate managers can look at several successful reverse mergers that turn ... Read More »

3 Main Communication Methods To Best Serve Your Customers

Technical support primarily has three different ways to provide the kind of service that the client needs. It is either by Email, Telephone or Live Chat. Each of these media has it’s good points as long as it matches the nature of your service or product. What you have to remember is that you need to choose the most convenient ... Read More »

5 Popular Outplacement Services To Better Manage Employee Layoffs

Outplacement is a job service offered to laid-off workers by their former employers. Obviously, outplacement services are not offered by every business. That is why you do not hear about them at any small business forums. The businesses that use these outplacement services are much better received by the public and workers, though. That is why you should not go ... Read More »

Can You Have A Power Of Attorney For Business Accounts?

A power of attorney grants an individual or entity the ability to act on behalf of another individual or entity. The power of attorney form gives legal authority to an agent to act on behalf of a principle. Across many industries, there are several types of power of attorneys (POA) that business owners use. However, you might want to know ... Read More »

How Small Businesses Can Assess Their Own Vulnerabilities

No one wants to think about their weaknesses, let alone that of their business’s. After all, your business is like your baby. But, not being able to look at what needs fixing only stunts business growth. It’s essential that business owners identify potential pratfalls to keep the company going strong. Here are a few ways small businesses can assess their ... Read More »

5 Essential Conflict Management Skills To Resolve Employee Issues

Conflict resolution skills are a crucial component of being a good manager. Thankfully, these types of management skills are not something that you have to innately possess like certain leadership characteristics. You can learn how to manage and resolve employee conflicts easily. Just read the post below to learn the must-have conflict management skills that will make you the best ... Read More »

How To Balance Professional And Social Relationships With Employees

I had a discussion with one of my colleagues the other day. He admitted that he sometimes has difficulty with managing his personal and professional relationships with employees. He would often get pretty friendly with some of them, which could create problems later on. In one instance, an employee accused him of offering more favorable treatment to his one closest ... Read More »

Employee Scheduling Tricks For A Positive Work Environment

Managing employee scheduling is one of the most crucial supervisory tasks in certain businesses, second only to communication process skills. Knowing how to schedule employees is also a learned skilled though. Many first-time business owners fail to effectively manage employee scheduling. Use these tips to become a scheduling pro in no time at all. Two Weeks Schedule employee work hours ... Read More »

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