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Paid Advertising Offers Business Excellent ROI Using Marketing Analytics

The Web has changed how businesses sell. Fewer than 10 years ago, advertising still reigned supreme; catchy TV commercials and flashy print ads were the best ways for a business to gain exposure. At that time, e-commerce was small and untested, and online advertisements were annoying, alienating, and aggressive. Today, a business simply cannot stand firm without at least a ... Read More »

Trademark Symbol Increases Security With These Tips For Effective Use

Trademark symbols are crucial to any business campaign. They are valuable company assets, identifying and distinguishing products or services from the competition. They also protect consumers and businesses from imitators and scams. On the other hand, however, they can offset the benefits of their intended purpose, as well. As we will see, trademark symbols can make or break any business’ ... Read More »

Measuring Advertising Strategies Effectiveness For Targeted Marketing

If done properly, the act of persuasion can have pretty strong effects on anyone. In business, advertising effectiveness is about persuading people towards your brand. In simple terms, advertising is a mode of communication relaying the unique value of the brand. It should be done in a way to influence people and attract them to your services or products offered. ... Read More »

Expert Web Page Design Tips For User, Mobile Friendly Pages

Focusing on the user is very high on the priorities list of Google. Regardless, many SEO specialists ignored this fact in the past and instead aimed to create web pages mainly for web crawlers. Is SEO Out? A strategy such as that only focused on SEO was successful a decade ago. Since that time, the main search engines have evolved ... Read More »

Best Marketing Segmentation Practices To Drastically Lessen Competition

Market segmenting is a critical part of any marketing professional’s job. It allows businesses to categorize their customers into different segments based on price, products or other key attributes. There are many different strategies to creating a market segment, or properly segmenting a market. To help your company grow efficiently, it is up to a marketing manager like yourself to ... Read More »

Writing Market Positioning Statement For Small Business Brand Strength

Whether you are starting your own business, planning to buy a franchise or trying build your company’s brand strength, brand positioning is key to company growth. It is a basic part of marketing and business that should not be overlooked. Without proper positioning, your business could stand to miss or lose valuable market share. So, what is positioning? How is ... Read More »

Mailing Lists Alternative For Generating Leads Using Networking Practices

Healthcare market is booming for businesses. Although Obamacare may have him pending consequences for physicians and hospitals, the business of servicing healthcare is doing quite well anyways. And, if things end up changing in the healthcare market, many healthcare businesses could see a further increase in growth and sales. Growth Attracts Competition Of course, growth in any industry attracts a ... Read More »

How Box Manufacturers Extend Your Business Brand Beyond The Fold

If you were asked to think of any of the most exciting businesses on the planet, you might suggest business travel industry, Hollywood entertainment or artificial intelligence. They all sound pretty cool and exciting. Well, that is because they are. Now, if we add to that list, you might be surprised to hear, box manufacturers. But, before you protest, please ... Read More »

Brand Identity Tips To Help A Business Establish Strong Brand Recognition

Company brand strength is very important for any small business entrepreneurial venture. If someone recognizes and trusts your company brand, they are much more likely to do business with you. Sounds simple, right? Unfortunately, building brand strength depends on your industry and your competitors. Your company’s brand strength is dependent¬†upon the brand strength of other companies competing in your industry. ... Read More »

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