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Finding The Right Business Cloud Storage Solution For Small Business

There has been a lot of discussion and speculation about ‘the cloud’ in recent years, and the countless inevitable benefits that it brings. As cloud-based platforms have continued to develop, we are seeing more and more businesses making the switch to remote access. Cloud computing trends offer the opportunity to increase profitability for companies in almost every industry, especially with ... Read More »

Reasons Pre Owned Cars Are The Best Company Car Business Solution

If you are planning to get a company car or commercial vehicle, you have obviously come across the popular category of certified pre-owned cars. Due to the label ‘certified’, you are not required to worry about the quality of the cars. Other than the tax benefits for companies, here are some basic reasons for your business to invest in the ... Read More »

How To Bring Unified Communications And Collaboration To Your Business

Graphic provided by ShoreTel As more companies begin to embrace BYOD technology and flextime, business owners are looking to unified communications and collaboration to help bridge the gap between employees and their physical workplace. UC technology can help employees access their information anywhere and at any time, thus improving productivity and efficiency while still promoting remote work capabilities and collaboration. ... Read More »

Common Office Security Mistakes That Could Cost Your Business Millions

Experts estimate the recent IT security breach at Target cost the company $148 million dollars. At the same time, the Heartbleed vulnerability put millions of users at some of the world’s most popular sites in danger of having their passwords compromised. While these events have gripped the headlines, most data breaches are not the result of pervasive software problems like Heartbleed or sophisticated, large-scale attacks. Instead, they are caused ... Read More »

How Unified Communications Solutions Can Optimize Business Processes

Many technology experts have posited that company IT and unified communications trends will change more in the next 18 months than they have in the past decade – is your business prepared? In response to the recent increase in both unified communication and collaboration and BYOD (bring your own device) demands, the need for reliable and efficient technology in the ... Read More »

How Online Meetings Help Your Employees Consistently Meet Deadlines

Online meetings are critical for any company success. Within any industry, managers and employees must meet regularly to ensure goals are being meet satisfactorily. Without meetings, there is a high probability that a different teams could end up on different pages. When miscommunication occurs, the consequences could prove costly in terms of time and money for the organization. Therefore, most ... Read More »

Executive Decision Making Styles For The Best Management Techniques

Working as an executive can be a tough job. At small firms, executive decision-making can be the difference between growth and bankruptcy. At larger corporations, executives yield immense amounts of power and responsibility. It is up to them to make the right calls to steer their organization in a successful direction. If guided poorly, there are millions of dollars at ... Read More »

Choose The Best Business Applications For Efficient Decision Making Now

Ask any small business operations manager, how important is his or her role in the company? Odds are, they will tell you that, “operations is the veins of any successful corporation.” Well, if operations on the veins, the business software that decision-makers choose must be the heart. Truth is, many companies are unable to compete because of incompetent processes. Often ... Read More »

Cloud or Premise Hosted VoIP? Best VoIP Advantages For Collaboration

Is your business looking to integrate cloud-based VoIP solutions into your workflow? With the many options that exist in the communications space today, it is important to understand all of the advantages with this system for firms of all sizes. By looking into cloud software that is hosted digitally, business leaders can help ease the workload on employees struggling to ... Read More »

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