Writing An eCommerce Business Plan Requires These 5 Essentials


An ecommerce business is unique from a regular business because it involves the buying and selling of goods and services over the Internet. Many nationwide stores started out with a traditional storefront and expanded to online sales later. Today however, ecommerce is a viable option all its own. Entrepreneurs and aspiring business owners everywhere are turning to the Internet to ... Read More »

Guerilla Marketing Tips To Bring This Marketing Trend To Small Business


Guerilla marketing is a term that describes advertising through the use of low-cost, unconventional marketing tactics to yield maximum results. Guerilla marketing relies heavily on high energy and imagination. The goal of this advertising strategy is to make a memorable impact on your audience. For small businesses or start-ups, this type of campaign can be extremely useful because its focus ... Read More »

What Is Probate? A Guide To Estate Administration


Probate is a legal process that deals with the assets and debts left behind after someone dies. Supervised by a probate court, this process is intended to help legitimize the distribution of assets as well as other aspects of estate administration. Probate is a common practice for many reasons, which is why it is important to know how it is ... Read More »

How To Take Your Business Remote And Work From Anywhere


How would you like to manage your business from anywhere in the world? What if you could take extended vacations to Europe, spend half the year at your second home in Costa Rica, or live permanently in Thailand – all while making a living in the process? It’s possible. There are many people who run million dollar businesses from all-around ... Read More »

4 Tips On How To Prevent Losing Existing Customers


According to reports, an average business loses around 20 percent of customers annually because of failing customer relationships. Imagine how one company can lose so much by losing that percentage of its clients every year. For some, it could get even worse. However, there are things you can do to retain your existing customers and prevent them from walking away. ... Read More »

Best Collaboration Software For Small Business Project Management


Collaboration software is any computer program that helps to facilitate group work towards the completion of a task or project. Also known as groupware, this tool can offer a variety of applications to assist with the necessary aspects of collaboration including communication, conferencing and coordination. Collaboration software can be extraordinarily useful for small businesses. Whether you have a team of ... Read More »

Get Response Email Marketing Software Signup Steps For Professionals


Get Response is an email marketing tool designed to help marketing professionals organize and reach out to a list of key clients in an effective way. This can be a beneficial program to have for anyone interested in making engaging landing pages and compelling emails that will grab the attention of their audience. Get Response is especially useful because it ... Read More »

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