5 Long-Term Company Investments To Maximize ROI

There are many long-term company investments that maximize return on investment (ROI). Since the stock market is inherently uncertain, there are several principles that improve chances of long-term ROI. These include keeping “winners” while selling “losers,” resisting the allure of penny stocks, and determining a strategy, then sticking to it. As an investor, maximize profits and ROI by implementing long-term ... Read More »

Why Is Product Research Important Before Purchasing?

Product research is a vital component of new product development and ongoing production to determine whether your product or service is needed and holds promise for success. By performing your due diligence in product research, you can discover whether there are similar products on the market that will compete with your own, the specific parts and pieces you need for ... Read More »

5 Building Types To Invest In Commercial Real Estate

There are many types of buildings for commercial real estate investing. Commercial real estate (CRE) appeals to many investors due to its often consistent returns, passive income, and growth potential. While CRE is popular and typically profitable, knowing what to invest in and how significantly increases investors’ profitability chances. As an investor, familiarize yourself with common pitfalls, mistakes, and risks ... Read More »

How To Start Donating Cars To Charity For Tax Deductions

There are several steps to donating cars for charity and obtaining tax deductions for them. Many charities provide significant tax deductions based upon the vehicle’s market value, regardless of the amounts it was bought or sold for. However, determining the fair market value of donated company cars is typically a difficult and time-consuming process. As a financial professional, take advantage ... Read More »

What Cryptocurrencies Are A Good Investment For IRA Portfolios?

Saving for retirement is essential. One popular investment vehicle that many investors opt to use is the individual retirement account (IRA). IRA rules allow you to enjoy a tax-deferred or tax-free growth of your retirement savings, and it includes a broad range of financial products such as bonds, mutual funds, stocks, and ETFs. Another financial asset that’s quickly becoming popular ... Read More »

How LLC Accounting Software Improves Business Efficiency

There are many ways LLC accounting software improves business efficiency. These software solutions help businesses track the capital coming in and going out, so they can adjust their spending accordingly. In fact, 25% of business closures reported by entrepreneurs in 2015 were due to low sales and cash flow. As a small business financial professional, investing in accounting software could ... Read More »

5 E-Fulfillment And Distribution Strategies That Deliver Profits

There are many e-fulfillment strategies that deliver profits. Ecommerce accounted for about $2.3 trillion in sales in 2017 and is expected to surpass $4.5 trillion by 2021. Online retailer and e-fulfillment services cash in on this trend by providing consumers with easy access to their most coveted products and stellar customer service. As a business owner, ensure the quick, accurate, ... Read More »

How To Choose The Best Personal Goal Setting Software

There are many personal goal setting software solutions out there. Many of these platforms are designed to track goals in a way that monitors the user’s strengths and weaknesses. Various studies have shown that people who write down their goals are 33% more successful in reaching them. As an operational manager, choosing the best personal goal setting software for your ... Read More »

5 Best Alternative Investments for High Yields

There are many alternative investments that result in high yields. Many investors don’t feel as comfortable with them because they’re not as common as traditional stocks. However, alternative investments often have lower correlations to the stock markets. As an investor, making some alternative investments protects your portfolio from broader market fluctuations. For instance, you might diversify your portfolio with an ... Read More »

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