5 Important M&A Due Diligence Checklist Items To Confirm

There are several key m&a due diligence checklist activities for buying a business. In fact, most buyers evaluate prospective businesses using these checklists. By determining a prospective business’s commercial potential, these buyers judge whether the business can fulfill their specific needs. Additionally, extensive appraisal of business assets and liabilities often streamlines ownership transitions and offers a more complete picture of ... Read More »

How New Lease Accounting Rules Impact Company Balance Reporting

There are many ways the new lease accounting rules impact company balance reporting. These new accounting rules significantly affect the finances of businesses that lease properties, vehicles, or equipment. In fact, under Accounting Standards Update 2016-02, accounting processes for these operating leases are significantly affected. As a financial professional, you should learn how these new lease rules impact operating leases ... Read More »

The Best Businesses To Own In The Year 2021

Can you think of something popular right now? If you would like to see a product being sold, what will that be? The answers to this question may change from time to time. We are no longer living in the year that was. This year, 2021, means that there are going to be more things that people would want. You ... Read More »

How To Accept Credit Card Payments Quickbooks Desktop Online

There are several steps to accepting credit card payments with Quickbooks desktop online. Since many customers don’t carry cash and checks take a long time to process, business owners increase revenue using QuickBooks to accept credit cards. In fact, several of these owners lower processing fees and pass more information through points-of-sale by implementing QuickBooks credit card integrations. As a ... Read More »

Top 5 Methods Background Screening Companies Use For Employers

The top background screening companies utilize several methods to find perfect hires for employers. These businesses verify crucial candidate information such as their identity, criminal, employment, and education histories, as well as driving records. Of course, this background information determines a candidate’s fit for a specified position. Additionally, they avoid potential legal issues and maintain the safety of all employees. ... Read More »

Why Did My Credit Score Drop? How To Fix The Sudden Change

When FICO levels fall, consumers have difficulty taking out more loans. The lower the score — the lower the odds of your next application being accepted. It may be rejected, or you will be charged more interest. If you notice your total drop, take action quickly. Do you monitor your score? Every year, you are entitled to a free copy ... Read More »

5 Critical Rights Of 1099 Employee Contract Workers

1099 employee contract workers have several crucial rights delegated to them. In fact, knowledge of these various rights ensures the proper classification of employees and independent contractors. Misidentifying these workers often exposes businesses to significant legal and financial penalties. Of course, many of these contractors use temporary work to start earning income. As an HR professional, avoid these penalties while ... Read More »

5 Best Entertaining Company Holiday Party Ideas On A Budget

There are many great entertaining company holiday party ideas, even on tight budgets. Company holiday parties often unite office cultures and allow light representations of ideal cultures. Additionally, they provide opportunities for recognition and employees to interact with upper executives. As a business manager, boost your team’s morale with a high-quality company holiday party in an affordable manner. Read on ... Read More »

5 Ways Conducting Webinars Can Improve Real Estate Recruitment

Real estate agent recruitment can cost your brokerage a lot of time and money, especially if you don’t have a well-defined strategy in place. To succeed in this aspect of business, you need to learn more effective ways to attract, screen, and hire the right candidates. One solution for these recruiting concerns is to use technology, such as CRM software, ... Read More »

5 Top Employee Culture Survey Questions That Get The Truth

There are many insightful employee culture survey questions that provide quality feedback. Culture surveys help managers solve critical company problems, enhance their workplaces, and identify employee strengths. The questions being asked, how they’re being asked, and the available response options often have a significant impact on survey results. As a business manager, ask direct, neutrally-worded questions about things you can ... Read More »

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