How Business Can Rescue A Failing Education System With Philanthropy

Business-education partnerships are a mutually beneficial relationship between a business and a school or community organization as they work toward established goals. These types of partnerships are a great way for businesses to give back through the education system. Some business-education partnerships can be small scale projects involved in a few classrooms or they can involve entire school boards, helping ... Read More »

Crucial Ratio Analysis Calculations To Determine Financial Stability

Ratio analysis is a quantitative analysis of financial information that converts quantities into ratios in order to allow businesses to make meaningful comparisons between their own successes and that of the competition. These calculation are also useful for business owners looking for private business loans. Ratio analysis can help business owners and financial managers evaluate various aspects of a company’s ... Read More »

Why Workplace Pension Schemes Are No Longer Enough For Workers

The government’s workplace pension scheme has been somewhat of a success since it was introduced a few years ago. Automatic enrollment has meant many workers who previously weren’t saving for retirement now have some money set aside, with the incentive of employers matching contributions leading to many more opting in to the scheme. Types Of Workplace Pensions There are different ... Read More »

Follow These Bank Reconciliation Steps In Your Accounting Process

In any company, bank reconciliation is an important part of the overall accounting process. For companies like Intuit stock, there are thousands of checks being processed every month. Even if you don’t have a formal accounting departments, a general manager or business owner should be responsible for doing proper reconciliation of bank statements. Especially in small businesses, business owners should ... Read More »

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