5 Video Interviewing Strategies To Improve Candidate Recruitment

Video Interviewing is an increasingly popular option among HR professionals. Video interviews are more personal than phone interviews and are often more convenient than in-person interviews.They are also more common as more employees work remotely. Remote interviews, however, are not conducted in quite the same way as in-person interviews. There are several nuances that you need to consider when conducting a ... Read More »

How Email Campaigns For Small Business Boost Conversion Rate

Email campaigns are growing as one of the largest digital marketing efforts to boost conversion rate. As a marketing professional, you need to be aware of how to develop an email marketing strategy for your small business. When properly deployed, the best email marketing strategies can help you boost customer retention, increase revenues, and strengthen customer referrals. Small business email ... Read More »

Why You Can’t Do Content Marketing Without An Expert

Content marketing is marketed as a strategy that any business can do, regardless of its size, scope and budget. It’s true: It doesn’t take many resources to publish a blog post on your website every few weeks. Yet, while everyone can do content marketing, almost no one can do content marketing right — unless they have a content expert by ... Read More »

5 Strategic Hiring Options For Employers Seeking Employees

Finding the right hire is critical to your organization’s continued success. In the digital age, there are countless online services in place to connect employers to those seeking employment. Job seekers and employers alike have access to thousands of potential matches each day. If you want to find the right candidate for your business, however, it’s important to be strategic. Not ... Read More »

5 Targeted Strategies To Generate Local Business Leads

In the increasingly competitive business world, modern owners are looking for the best targeted strategies to generate leads with fellow small businesses. Advertising to local businesses allows you to take many of your marketing efforts offline. Businesses can grow their revenues from substantially from a well-developed B2B marketing strategy. Marketing to local businesses makes your services more appealing and easy ... Read More »

What Is The Career Ladder For Economists Like?

Deciding what career path to pursue is one of the most important decisions any of us can make, and also one of the most vexing. It can be difficult not knowing where our pursuits will take us. Fittingly, it’s not unlike studying the economy. Trends can be studied and predictions can be made, but there’s always an element of chance to ... Read More »

5 Marketing Strategies For Promo Video Ads Online

There are several effective strategies to promote your promo video ads online. Effectively promoting advertising material is just as important as its content. Video advertisements are at the forefront of current marketing trends as creating and distributing video ads is easier than ever. Once you have a great video advertisement, however, you need to promote it to maximize its full potential. Luckily, the ... Read More »

5 Ways Amazon Loans To Merchants With Bad Credit Improve Order Fulfillment

Many Amazon sellers have begun seeking the necessary financing to craft their platform and improve order fulfillment directly through Amazon itself. Recently, the company began offering Amazon loans to merchants selling on their marketplace. In comparison with typical lenders who address your credit history and financial background, Amazon loans are based off of your performance on Amazon itself. Because of ... Read More »

A Beginners Guide To Get Started With Affiliate Marketing

Building another stream of income can be difficult for a lot of people. Does it mean that you need additional working hours on top of your already busy schedule? Or perhaps, should you start a business and risk giving up a capital? What if you can start something that won’t require putting too much skin in the game? Is there ... Read More »

How The Best Zero Balance Checking Account Options Work

Many financial experts like yourself are quickly noticing zero balance checking accounts impact on online banking as a whole. These tools provide you the same benefits as traditional online banking accounts, with significantly reduced fees and rates. Even more, the best zero balance account (ZBA) options offer a number of different bank incentives and bonuses to their users. If you are ... Read More »

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