6 Project Management Apps To Better Collaboration And Performance


When you run a small business, the temptation to micromanage each team and project can get overwhelming. Here’s where project management software comes in: Assign tasks, check on progress, and communicate with the team in a simple way that frees up time in your schedule. Stay on top of your small business’s projects with the following six apps for better ... Read More »

How To Become An Accountant After Completing Your Degree


An accountant is a professional person who is trained in bookkeeping, auditing and analyzing financial accounts. Some accountants may operate as part of a big four accounting firm, while others may choose to work independently. If you are interested in becoming an accountant, you have come to the right place. In order to become an accountant, you will need to ... Read More »

Business Moving Hacks That Should Prepare You For Expansion


As business owners, we know that business cycles happen throughout the economy and being able to get on the right small business trend so your company grows can be a tricky feat. Of course, economists give us forecasts of the economy, so we have a general idea about if we are profitable or not. Right now, the eastern states have ... Read More »

Hire A Digital Agency To Manage Your Online Presence And Growth


A digital agency is a company that delivers creative marketing services for online business operations. If you own a business you may have already worked with a marketing agency. However, the technological aspect makes digital agencies more unique. They perform project management tasks that the average marketing agency does not. To learn more about what a digital agency can do ... Read More »

How To Patent An Idea As An Entrepreneur New To USPTO Eligibility

There are many myths surrounding the concept of patenting an idea. Some say it cannot be done, but they are partially mistaken. An idea can be patented if it follows a set of qualifications outlined by the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office). If you are an entrepreneur, you maybe especially interested in learning how to patent an idea. ... Read More »

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