How To Get A Stock Secured Loan To Borrow Against Your Portfolio

There are several steps to get a stock secured loan to borrow against your portfolio. Stock secured loans allow individuals to borrow funds from the value of their stock market shares. While the borrower maintains full ownership of their shares and dividends, the stock provides collateral for the secured loan. As a business owner, you can apply for a stock ... Read More »

How To Get PHR Certification Online For Free

There are several steps to get PHR certification online for free. Skills and personal attributes are vital to become successful in the human resource field. Moreover, required knowledge on employment law and core statutory regulations developed by organizations. As an aspiring HR consultant, you must the steps to get PHR certification online for free. This way, you can understand, train, ... Read More »

5 Effective Tactics For Growing Your Small Business

There must be hundreds of books on how to succeed as a business owner. Many are quite good and do an excellent job of offering specific information for budding entrepreneurs. Most deal with tried-and-true techniques for turning a small company into a large one in a systematic, logical fashion. But what about some of the uncommon strategies owners use to ... Read More »

What Can You Do With A Data Analyst Degree After Graduation?

There are several high-paying jobs you can obtain with a data analyst degree after graduation. According to recent statistics, data analyst jobs are projected grow by nearly 20% through 2028. Now more than ever, companies are seeking professionals who can transform AI and IoT business models into actionable insights. For example, the information technology, healthcare, and finance industries are all ... Read More »

How To Start Designing Sunglass Frames And Other Consumer Eyewear

There are several key steps to start designing sunglass frames and other consumer eyewear products. Starting a custom sunglass line has become a popular avenue for many fashion-savvy entrepreneurs. The sunglass market is forecasted to generate over $20 Billion in 2022. In fact, the entire industry is currently worth well over $140 Billion. With continuous growth and business potential, there ... Read More »

How To Find And Hire Experienced Household Domestic Staff

There are several steps to find experienced household domestic staff. Recruiting an employee to work, live, and operate in your home is much more involved then the traditional hiring process. After all, there is a lot more trust, vetting, and monitoring involved. Fortunately, there is a fairly straightforward process to find, recruit, onboard, and retain the top talent — even ... Read More »

5 Best Types Of White Paint Colors For Office Walls

There are several types of white paint colors for office walls. White walls shape every room of workplaces with crisp, warm, and cool colors. In addition, different shades of white help layer in color with a combination of furniture and accessories. As a business owner, you should determine the best type of white paint color for your office walls. This ... Read More »

5 Best Intellectual Property Valuation Methods To Calculate Asset Value

There are several great intellectual property (IP) valuation methods to calculate asset value. With the value of IP increasing, valuation regulations and requirements are evolving worldwide. This is because the impalpable nature of IP makes it harder to precisely determine value and define fair prices. Subsequently, it’s essential for larger corporations to perform reliable, accurate IP valuation transactions. As a ... Read More »

6 Ways For Small Businesses To Save On Energy Bills

Business owners work hard to run a successful business. But keeping your business running smoothly can sometimes cost more than you want it to, especially when it comes to energy bills. We have compiled a list of tips for business owners to save on energy costs. Cut Back On Heating And Cooling The first step is to turn down your ... Read More »

5 Non-Profit Fundraising Rules And Regulations For Charities

There are several non-profit fundraising rules and regulations for charities. The IRS closely monitors fundraisers to determine if any break laws or limitations in their activities. As a result, many fundraisers end up losing their tax exemption status due to broken guidelines. As a charity organizer, familiarize yourself with fundraising rules to protect your tax exemption status, prevent IRS audits ... Read More »

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