How To Buy Government Auctions Items That Run Your Business

You might already know that the United States Government is one of the largest purchasing organizations in the world. They buy trillions of dollars of materials, products and services every year. However, you may not have know that the government auctions items every year too. Seized property or surplus inventory will eventually make it’s way to government auction platforms. Since ... Read More »

Why Bitcoin Mining Poses Big Problems For Cryptocurrency Investors

Bitcoin is the buzzword on everyone’s lips recently. This is particularly true for investors who hope to profit off of Bitcoin investments, just as they profit off of shorting a stock. But, since Bitcoin is an entirely new type of currency, called cryptocurrency, most investors do not really know enough about it to have any real, reliable shot at earning ... Read More »

Little-Known CRM Marketing Best Practices That Drive Sales Results

Marketing is all about building and maintaining relationships. That is why customer relationship management is such a crucial component of marketing success. Managing customer relationships can be difficult, especially for a business owner with no marketing background. But, if you know the CRM marketing best practices with a proven track record of driving results, you can easily navigate the tasks. ... Read More »

3 Marketing Strategies To Skyrocket Your eCommerce Business

Building a website is only the first step to take when starting an eCommerce business. Sure, it’s incredibly important to have a quality site up and running with your products for sale, but it’s basically useless if no customers are visiting the site on a consistent basis. To achieve lasting success in this industry, you’ll need to get up to ... Read More »

5 Types Of Franchises To Invest In Growing Industry Potential

The best franchises offer established business processes that work. However, there are so many franchises competing for new ownership. How do you choose which franchises to invest in? For any entrepreneur, finding the best franchise deal depends on your industry expertise. Out of thousands of franchises for sale, you must find the right one for you. To help you get ... Read More »

What Marketing Materials Your Small Business Needs To Be Remembered

Every small business has a brand identity. Some brands are carefully crafted while others just have a simple logo. As a business owner, you should invest in marketing materials that can communicate your business’ brand. In fact, marketing a business is a key part of MBA online requirements. When directed properly, marketing materials can be anything in product, print or ... Read More »

4 Steps To Get Your Medical Device Product Launched

Drawing inspiration from Iron Man, a Toronto startup won $35,000 in a recent competition for its innovative exoskeleton that enables children with disabilities to walk without a wheelchair. The device replaces the traditional wheelchair with a walker-like support that includes mechanical leg attachments. Using the attachments, children are able to take steps powered by the walker. The founders plan to ... Read More »

How Local Business Citations Legitimize Your Company Online

Most business owners try to get their local listing on Google to be seen by potential customers. However, small businesses only focus on one platform. They have a lot more to gain from business citations online. Especially, local business citations can improve your company awareness. Most importantly, these tips will show how citations legitimize your company. Local Business Listings Market ... Read More »

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