Revolving Credit Offers Repayment Flexibility For Business Owners

Revolving credit is a line of credit where a customer or organization pays a commitment fee and is then allowed to use the funds as they are needed. It is most often used for operating purposes and can fluctuate from month to month depending upon the borrower’s needs. This is different from a traditional installment loan because installment credit is ... Read More »

How To Improve Employer Branding Attracting New Talent Fast

Employer branding is the process of promoting a company or organization as the employer of choice to a target group that the company wants to recruit or retain. Essentially, employer branding is what makes people want to work for your company. Your reputation as an employer can be the key to bringing in new talent. Consider a company like Warby ... Read More »

Advantages Of Internet Use For Business Communication And Marketing

The internet plays a significant role in today’s society. Individuals everywhere turn to the world wide web for information, entertainment and communication every day. However, the internet is not only for personal use. Businesses are making great efforts to integrate themselves online as well. If you are a business owner, you may be interested in learning about the many advantages ... Read More »

Proven Ways For Mortgage Brokers To Get More Business

As a mortgage broker, you need to think of unique ways to find potential customers for mortgage loans. Marketing yourself to the right customers will increase your chance of getting more businesses. So how can you go about this? Below are a few tips to get you started. Social Media Marketing If you are not on social media, you could ... Read More »

Setting SMART Goals To Accomplish Business Objectives Easily

SMART goal setting is a process that is designed to help individuals and businesses develop and achieve their goals and can be used by every kind of business model. The success of this process lies in the acronym, which outlines the key points needed to set a useful goal. This process can be especially helpful for entrepreneurs hoping to start ... Read More »

Understanding Fraud Triangle To Prevent Embezzlement At Your Business

The Fraud Triangle is a theory that was developed by criminologist Dr. Donald Cressey. Cressey, who primarily focused on embezzlers in his research, hypothesized that there are three factors that must be present in order for a person to commit fraud. These three factors are: opportunity, pressure and rationalization. With these three circumstances in place, people are more likely to ... Read More »

Simple and Effective Ways to Secure Your Business Information Online

Whether your business operates online or offline, its cyber security is important. When your company’s sensitive data is breached, it can damage your business reputation and break customer trust and loyalty, especially if it’s not managed properly. But prevention is a lot better than cure. In this case, you protect your business data from phishing scammers and hackers before they ... Read More »

Most Common Organizational Structure Types For Small Business

An organizational structure is how a business is set up to accomplish specific goals. The set-up you choose will play a crucial part in the overall development of your company. There are many different organizational structure types that you can choose from, each with its own benefits and disadvantages. Below we have listed the top 5 most common organizational structure ... Read More »

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