How To Buy A Business With Bonus Entrepreneur Benefits

For many aspiring business owners, buying an existing business can seem like the key to getting started as a business owner. If you are an entrepreneur looking to bypass the stress and hardships of building a business from scratch, you may be interested in learning more about why you should buy a business. The process may vary depending on a ... Read More »

Advantages Online Accountants Provide Small Business Owners

Small business owners need help sometimes, especially when it comes to finances, like payroll and expense tracking. There are many accounting solutions available both in-person and online. However, there is one option that may be best for small business owners on a budget. Accounting software may be enough of a fix for a business that just needs an easier process ... Read More »

How To Prepare Your Claims For The PPI Deadline

PPI stands for payment protection insurance. The PPI plan was often mis-sold to people who did not need it or want it. If you are an individual who has wrongly been sold PPI, you have a chance to get reimbursed. The FCA has set a PPI deadline. If you file a claim on time, you can receive compensation. To learn ... Read More »

Best HR Analytics Benefits For Better Workplace Experiences

HR analytics is the use of the analytic process in the human resources department of an organization. The aim of this strategy is to provide insight into workplace trends, issues and efficiency in hopes of improving them. If you are an HR professional at a small or publicly traded company, you may be intrigued by this relatively new use of ... Read More »

Set Up Your Free Professional Email Address For A New Company

So you’ve recently started a new business venture or job but are still using an email address through a domain of your old company or one that just doesn’t apply. Instead of sticking with an email address that is difficult to spell or remember, look into the possibility of setting up a free professional email address. Entrepreneurs can setup free ... Read More »

Alternative Investments Are Hitting the Mainstream

Alternative investments were once the province of the super-rich – unconventional ways of protecting wealth that would withstand everything from market turbulence to financial meltdown. Yet today, with conventional investment types offering limited returns, more and more people are discovering that alternative investments could provide the best medium-long term yield. What Are Alternative Investments? Alternative investments are ones that fall outside ... Read More »

Overcome The Wage Gap By Asking For Raises More Frequently

Although the wage gap is narrowing throughout time, it will still take close to fifty years for women to earn the same salary as their male counterparts. Nonetheless, many women are asking their bosses for the raise that they want and need. Going in to talk to your boss about a raise can be daunting and nerve racking. However, if ... Read More »

6 Creative Promotional Products That Your Business Should Give Away

Startups require a lot of promotion and marketing in order to start building brand recognition for their company name. However, with so much business competition, even the best promotional products and marketing materials can be ineffective at letting people know you are open for business. That is why it is so important to have unique, creative promotional products to promote ... Read More »

4 Reasons Why A Paperless Businesses Is More Successful

While businesses using hard-copy documents and physical storage is a longstanding tradition, in recent years scanning files and going for a paperless business communication model is now becoming a growing trend. Paperless document management can serve as a great advantage for businesses in helping to extend their marketing reach, however one of the primary reasons businesses use a paperless system ... Read More »

Let Chatbots For Business Power Your Customer Service Engagement

Chatbots are a form of artificial intelligence that have been taking the small business technology industry by storm. These programs simulate a real conversation over a messaging system. The use of chatbots for business has risen in popularity lately. Business owners from large corporations to small, local shops are utilizing this tool to improve their customer service. To learn more ... Read More »

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