How A Digital Strategy Will Produce Strong Marketing Benefits

A digital strategy, also known as a digital marketing strategy, is a plan that is used to optimize the business benefits of digital technologies for the purpose of promotion. If you are a marketing professional, you know the importance of having a proper strategy for your visual marketing and promotional efforts. Digital marketing is no different. When a business develops ... Read More »

How To Set Up A Home Office With A Cafe-Like Atmosphere

It is great to work from home—the first joyous days of working in your pajamas and being in control of your schedule for the rest of the day. However, things can get lonely, distracting, and boring in your neat office, especially if you have no other place to go. You’re surrounded by the detritus and mental turmoil of life at ... Read More »

6 Successful Business Tips For First Time Entrepreneurs

The decision to become an entrepreneur is one that can lead to great success. Many first time business owners have dreams of building their own empire. However, before any of this can happen, they must first run a small, successful business. In order to succeed as an entrepreneur, it is important to follow the six key business tips below. Monitor ... Read More »

Green Building Construction Guidelines For Environmental Sustainability

Having a green building requires more than just placing a couple of recycling bins around the office. The Green Building Initiative, the certifying body for environmentally responsible buildings, lists many more aspects of building construction and maintenance that are required to make a commercial building eco-friendly. Doing so is not only smart for the environment but also your purse, as ... Read More »

How To Choose The Right Business Structure

One of the most important choices that you can make when starting a business is the type of legal structure that you need. This decision will affect your ability to raise money, personal liability that you encounter, as well as the amount of paperwork that your business needs to do. Therefore, it is not a decision that you can make ... Read More »

Little Known Demonetized Currency Facts With Major US Implications

Demonetization has a long history of devaluing currency. It occurs when a legally tendered currency is withdrawn by a national government. Typically, demonetized currency gets replaced by a new set of currency or bills. With the devaluing of the major bills in India in 2016, a demonetized currency is something all investors should be weary about, even in the United ... Read More »

6 Degree Programs To Succeed In The Music Business

If you consider yourself an entrepreneur and hope to enter into the music business from the business side of things, whether doing business consulting or talent management, having talent is not required. However, possessing business acumen and knowledge of the music industry is imperative to succeed. One of the best ways to gain the business and industry knowledge you need ... Read More »

12 Simple Tactics To Get Organized At Work And Minimize Work Hours

You’ve heard the jokes about the 25-hour workday. Only you’re not laughing. As you consider starting a kitchen and bathroom remodeling business, you expect to log some long hours, especially the first year, as your business gets established. But 25 hours a day? No thank you. Like many entrepreneurs, you will find that the course of your day, your week, and ... Read More »

How Customer Success Management Drives Sales

Customer success is the function at a company that is responsible for managing the technical and business relationships between a vendor and its customers. This is a relatively new field in business, so there are new developments in the field, just as there are new developments in marketing automation. The main idea includes customer acquisition, portfolio development, retention and expansion. ... Read More »

7 Revenue Cycle Optimization Tips To Alleviate Medical Cash Flow Issues

A revenue cycle is defined as all administrative and clinical functions that contribute to the capture, collection and management of patient service revenue. In essence, the revenue cycle encompasses the entire life of a patient account from creation to payment. Revenue cycle management is an important for a functioning healthcare practice. With the proper processes and workflows in place, you ... Read More »

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