7 Signs You Are In A Toxic Work Environment

The average person spends 90,000 hours at work during their lifetime. So, understandably, it’s important that we enjoy the environment we are working in. We all have our rights, and if you don’t feel comfortable, it may be time for you to leave. Below we are going to discuss six signs that you are in a toxic workplace. Let’s get ... Read More »

How To Manage An Accounts Payable System

Accounts payable systems can be managed in several steps. These systems facilitate business procedures, policies, and practices to manage trade credit transactions. Some of these practices include seeking lines of trade credit, favorable purchase terms or faster lending timeframes. For example, many SBA line of credit solutions finance projects. As a financial professional, you should develop an accounts payable management ... Read More »

5 Best Corporate Business Cell Phones Plans For Growing Enterprises

There are several top corporate business cell phones plans for growing enterprises. The best plans are made up of different operating speeds, data allotments, and multi-device discounts. Of course, every corporation has their own unique operation structure, preferred payment models and cell phone needs. As a business owner, you want to find the best plan to keep your organization wirelessly ... Read More »

How Americans Living Abroad Can Reduce Their US Tax Bill

Allyson Lindsey, CPA is a Partner at Bright!Tax expat tax services and a leading expert on US taxes for Americans living overseas. Think you don’t have to pay taxes or file with the IRS just because you’re an American citizen living abroad? Think again! Unfortunately, American citizens are always subject to US taxation on their worldwide income, regardless of where ... Read More »

How To Start Editing A PDF Document Online

There are several steps to start editing PDF documents online. Portable document format (PDF) documents are intended to be readable to their recipients regardless of the tools they’re using to view it. Of course, PDF’s are intentionally not easy to edit, so they can adapt to various viewing platforms. As a tech-savvy operations manager, there are various online tools you ... Read More »

How To Conduct Business Webinars To Expand Your Brand

Businesses are increasingly relying on online webinars in order to expand their brands. According to a recent study, over 70% of marketing and sales leaders said that webinars are the most effective way to generate leads. Their digital nature means that generating quality leads can be cheap and efficient. With the right equipment, topics, audience targeting, and knowledge of how ... Read More »

Why Is Consistency One of the Top Indicators of Good Code?

For a variety of reasons, writing code is complex.  If the answer is yes, every line, syntax, and parameter has to be correct and working flawlessly from start to finish, lest you want to run into a million problems when your data gets corrupted. Once mastered, you will find that code is the future of developer empowerment. Following these steps, ... Read More »

A Guide To Effectively Branding Products For Business Social Media

Social media has a lot to offer companies looking to start branding products and spreading brand awareness. This awareness can only successfully expand if the product has the right branding. Working with each different platform presents different challenges and opportunities. Marketers wishing to advertise their company’s products should be aware of the basic principles behind social media branding. The following ... Read More »

How To Export Emails From Your Gmail Account

Exporting emails from your Gmail account can be done in several steps. Of course, exporting messages from Gmail inboxes reduces clutter and provides additional records of received messages. These records can help you write and send mass personalized emails. Additionally, exports free up more storage capacity and enable better, more efficient segmentation. As a Gmail user, you should export emails ... Read More »

5 Effective Ways To Increase Brand Awareness For Your Venture

Whether you have a startup you’ve recently launched or a more established business, it’s vital to have as much brand awareness for your venture as possible. The more potential customers recognize your company’s name and what it sells, the more likely they are to make a purchase or tell others about your brand. This kind of awareness is crucial for ... Read More »

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