7 Best Internet Startup Ideas That Yield Large Profits

Entrepreneurs with a lack of capital might find that even the cheapest franchises are still expensive. It’s far more affordable to start a business online. Coming up with internet startup ideas, however, is a task in itself. If you are undecided on the path you would like your internet startup company to take, then consider each of these great internet ... Read More »

6 Ways Forced Ranking Management Impacts Employee Performance

Forced Ranking is one of the hot button issues in business. This controversial management system puts employees into tiers based on employee performance. This is usually done with the intention of increasing productivity, but it can also have its drawbacks. If you’re a manager looking to incorporate forced ranking into your office, you should strongly consider its strengths and weaknesses ... Read More »

Free Market Resource Tools To Gain Insight Into Consumer Behavior

Free market research is crucial for entrepreneurs looking to introduce a new product. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs are held back by the costs of hiring a professional marketing research firm. This should not be viewed as an end-all, as there are many ways to conduct research without spending a dime. Here are a few strategic cost cutting methods you can use ... Read More »

How To Bootstrap Business For Success With Little Startup Capital

Getting a new business off the ground takes time, effort, knowledge, energy… and money. In some cases, lots of money. The kind of money that, unless you’re independently wealthy, you don’t have laying around. Don’t worry; plenty of other folks do have that kind of money laying around, right? And possessing the right entrepreneurship traits puts you ahead of others, ... Read More »

6 Easy Tactics To Clean Up Credit Scores Fast

One of the biggest hurdles for entrepreneurs is that they often don’t have enough capital to turn their ideas into actual businesses. This leads to a need for loans or financing from a bank. This can turn into a problem if the loan seeker has bad credit. If you have an idea for a business and your credit score is ... Read More »

Tips For Applying To Business School To Get Accepted Easily

Entry-level business employees who want to move up in the corporate world may want to look into getting an MBA. Usually, that means applying to business school with an accredited degree program. This is not a simple process, however, as there are many preliminary steps one must take before putting forth a convincing application. From taking exams to timing applications ... Read More »

9 Investment Definitions To Help Beginners Navigate The Market

If you are interested in becoming a first time investor, you may have stumbled upon more than a few words you did not know the meanings to when doing some initial research. Learning terms associated with investing is almost like learning a new language. It is important that you learn these terms before you look for the answer to the ... Read More »

A Process Mapping Guide To Spark New Business Improvement

Process mapping is defined as an analysis of how work is done versus how it should be done. If you are wondering: what is process mapping? It illustrates all the steps taken in a particular process and putting them down on office paper. If you are a manager of any business, large or small, process mapping can help you to ... Read More »

How Excel Timesheet Simplifies Employee Hour Tracking Tasks

Excel is the best place to create, maintain and share timesheets for the business you manage. Unfortunately, it can be complicated to create an Excel timesheet from scratch if you are not all that skilled at using the software. That is where templates come to the rescue! You may worry that a template is not the right choice for you ... Read More »

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