Verification VS Validation Activities In Product Development Processes

Verification and validation are parts of a testing system in product development. Verification is an early step that involves verifying that a product meets your set requirements. It puts the product through tests designed specifically to answer the question: “does it do what I designed it to do?” Validation is another testing phase. However, it occurs near the end of ... Read More »

Best POS Systems For iPad Featuring Cloud-Based, Offline Functionality

In the past, restaurants had to deal with clunky computer servers that provided complicated point-of-sales features and additional credit card processors. Now, with the advent of cloud-computing and faster wireless speeds, restaurateurs can use iPads to run POS systems. iPads are considerably better options for a variety of reasons. Their web-based systems reduce data clutter. Their small size makes it ... Read More »

Personal Loan Document Requirements To Prepare Before Applying

If you are in the midst of financial hardship, you might be considering applying for a personal loan. Personal loans can take time to process, which is unacceptable when you have bills to pay. In order to expedite the process, you can prepare the necessary documents ahead of time. While the requirements vary from bank to bank, there are documents ... Read More »

SDB Certification Guidelines To Help Disadvantaged Business Owners

When a business achieves a SDB certification, they are self-representing as a Small Disadvantaged Business. This certification can be vital to receiving federal help for your business, such as the 8(a) Business Development Program. If you are at a social or economic disadvantage, your business may qualify for consideration as a Small Disadvantaged Business. To register for your SDB certification ... Read More »

Top Clean Energy ETF Options For Ethical Investors To Earn Huge ROI

A group of seven developed nations recently gathered to discuss reductions in fossil fuel consumption. The United States, Germany, France, The U.K., Italy and Japan were all in favor of making efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 40-70%. This has paved the way for clean energy ETFs to start a positive trend upwards. Their value can only increase from ... Read More »

Frozen Yogurt Franchises That Offer Entrepreneurs Great Profit Margins

Frozen yogurt franchises are currently experiencing enormous hikes in popularity. Brands like Red Mango, Yogurtini, Fuzzy Peach and Pinkberry are expanding at extremely high rates paralleled to Starbucks franchise growth some years back. Their success is attributed to a number of factors, some of which include innovative new flavors and a trend towards diet-friendly treats. For these reasons, frozen yogurt ... Read More »

Direct Expenses Budgeting Guide To Keep Business Owners On Track

There are two types of expenses in a business: direct expenses and indirect expenses. Direct expenses are wholly related to the core of the business and are often fixed costs, like business energy. They can be tracked back to a specific object or department related to necessary operations for the business. Indirect expenses are related to the business and are ... Read More »

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