The Role Of Venture Partners In Hierarchies Of Venture Capital Firms

Venture partners are professionals brought into a venture capital firm to help assist with management and investments but are not employed full-time. However, venture partners can have a significant impact on the operation of a VC firm and the businesses they sponsor. Venture partnership positions are complex parts of the already complex system of investors that exist in VC firms. ... Read More »

Benefits Of Staff Augmentation To Supplement Your Technology Workforce

Staff Augmentation is the process of outsourcing work to fill specific needs in a project or business. This strategy is often used as a way to fill what is missing in the work place. Managers and business owners will evaluate existing staff to determine which additional skills are required. This helps to improve unified communication and collaboration. Staff Augmentation is ... Read More »

Leverage Cashback Marketing Strategies To Increase Product Appeal

For a few years now cashback marketing has steadily been gaining popularity among consumers looking for savings, typically on higher priced items but more and more on everyday purchases too. Cash back is an easy way to attract more customers and business owners. However, to leverage this marketing tactic, it must be implemented properly. How Cashback Marketing Works The way ... Read More »

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