5 Shared Workspace NYC Rental Options For Flexible Coworking

Given the influx of employees now able to work outside the confines of a typical office space, there are many options for shared workspace rentals in NYC. With nearly half a million freelance workers operating within NYC, securing a co-work space can be a difficult process. Rather than rushing to secure a seat at your local coffee franchise, find a ... Read More »

5 Best Platforms For App Development Without Coding

Developing an app without coding has never been easier thanks to new innovative building platforms. App building tools make it simple for aspiring app developers and small business IT enthusiasts to get your mobile app up and running in a matter of days or even within a few hours. The first step to building your new app is choosing a ... Read More »

8 Time-Saving Services And Software For Busy Small Business Owners

Turning your small business into an overnight sensation may appear to require a simple concoction of hard work, dedication, and a little extra pocket change. But don’t let these depictions of quaint small businesses lead you into a financial deathtrap. Managing time, employees, and business finances is no small feat, especially for first-time company owners finding their footing. Luckily, there’s ... Read More »

5 Essentials For Your Ergonomic Office Space Setup Floor Plan

There are many office space setup essentials that contribute to the efficiency and productivity within your work environment. Office space essentials can increase comfort for employees and reduce their risk of injuries. As an office manager, create an office floor plan to help your employees remain focused and manage stress at work. In fact, adjustments to floor plans can improve ... Read More »

5 Smart Ideas For Building Real Estate Referral Programs

There are several top ideas for building real estate referral programs. These programs allow agents to collect business referrals from others to gain exposure to new clients. Additionally, agents and contacts benefit from the program as both receive referral opportunities. As a realtor, you should build a strong program where many agents, professionals and contacts are referring you business regularly. ... Read More »

5 Strategies To Help Improve Workplace Safety

No matter the type of industry that you operate in, limiting the risks of workplace injuries should be your top priority. It not only helps you keep your employee safe, but also lets you prevent damages to your finances and reputation. By following a few choice suggestions, you can ensure to mitigate these risks by a large margin. This lets ... Read More »

5 Important Steps To Value A Private Medical Practice For Sale

There are several important steps to value a private medical practice for sale. Multiple financial factors drive the value of successful private medical practices. For example, business location, assets, and services offered directly impact the final sale price. As the owner of a successful medical practice, you should familiarize yourself with the resources, strategies, and techniques to value your own ... Read More »

How to Start A Forklift Business For Sales And Rentals

When starting a new business in the forklift industry, there are several steps to follow to ensure its success. Entering into the forklift sales and rental industry for the first time can be a challenge. With the right business plan, knowing where to start when can save on startup costs, build forklift inventory and increase overall ROI. As a new ... Read More »

How To Submit To Children’s Book Publishers Without An Agent

There are several steps to submit to children’s book publishers. Typically, major publishers are looking for new children’s fiction stories, books and novels. These companies can cover a wide range of genres including baby boards and picture books. On the other hand, they publish, middle age and young adult narrations too. As an author, submitting your work can be difficult ... Read More »

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