Is Enterprise Wide Software Right For Your Business?


Enterprise wide software is designed to share data across the entirety of a company. In the past, companies had individual software manage information transference within specific departments. However, this was disadvantageous in that it led to a lot of data re-entry and wasted time. Now, you can use enterprise wide software to increase efficiency and bring real-time information to the ... Read More »

The Top Social Media Marketing Companies


The internet is one of the most effective tools you can use to market your company. Marketing through social media in particular is critical. Research shows that over 80% of internet users spend a majority of their time on social media. Most social media platforms are simple enough to use. However, it may take a lot of valuable time to ... Read More »

Common Business Expense Categories To Deduct Taxes


Business expenses are costs associated with running a business, and they quickly add up. Business owners should be aware of business expense categories to maximize profits by deducting expenses where possible. They must be unavoidable and standard costs of operating the business in order to deduct them. Here are the most common business expense categories to deduct on taxes. Building ... Read More »

How To Lower Credit Card Processing Fees


Credit card processing fees are an expense that often go unchecked due to their small size. Unfortunately, those small percentages add up. They can go on to hinder your profits at a slow but steady pace. As a small business owner, you should be focused on keeping costs to a minimum. Thus, it is important that you find ways to ... Read More »

The Best Shares To Buy In 2016’s Market


Investing in companies is all about research. You need to do your due diligence every time you go into the stock market. You must ensure that you are buying stocks in companies that are looking towards an uptick in the market. If you are a investor in need of some clues on which companies are worth investing in, consider the ... Read More »

Is A Scanlon Plan Right For Your Business?


  A scanlon plan is a type of gain-sharing program that rewards employees for their contributions. It places an emphasis on group of employees performance. A scanlon plan is intended to boost profits by establishing a direct connection between work and reward. While implementation can be difficult, scanlon plans can help accelerate your company’s financial growth. If you are a ... Read More »

What To Go To College For With Business And Passion


If you are finishing up high school or just starting out in college, you may be thinking about what to go to college for. This is a daunting task, as there are many options! Even if you are not going directly into business, here are some tips to help you decide what to go to college for. Hopefully, once you ... Read More »

5 Top Fundraising For Nonprofit Organizations Strategies


Financial status is important for any business, especially so for a nonprofit organization. A poorly financed nonprofit organization is unlikely to achieve its goals. A well funded nonprofit organization will meet its targets and be sustainable for years to come. Here are the top methods of fundraising for nonprofit organizations that owners should be aware of. Have A Strong Brand ... Read More »

What A Female President Means For US Business


With the Democratic party ready to nominate a female candidate for president, many people are getting excited about the idea of having a female president. Younger generations are used to the idea of women in authority roles, as more women are running their own businesses, and registering a company than ever before. The business environment and dynamics have changed drastically ... Read More »

How To Implement A Loss Leader Strategy Profitably


The loss leader strategy is a business concept that has been in use for years, and has been proven quite successful. Business owners can use this strategy to win customers back from a competitor, or to penetrate a new market. The idea is to price an item below market cost, at a loss, in order to draw customers in to ... Read More »

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