How Strategic Marketing Definition Amplifies Competitive Advantage

The definition of strategic marketing is a multi-phase process. To begin with, it establishes a business’ core market. Then it identifies the advantages that the business has over its competition. Afterwards, marketers allocate resources into specific areas to amplify those advantages. These are the basics for the strategic marketing definition. If you are a business owner interested in making use ... Read More »

T1 Connection, Ethernet Or Broadband: Which Is Better For Business?

There are a variety of options for internet access in your small business, just as there are for warehouse equipment. Broadband, Ethernet and T1 are three of the most popular choices currently available. They vary greatly on features and pricing. They vary on data transference speeds, as well. Finding the right balance of these traits is crucial in choosing a ... Read More »

Women Business Enterprise Certification Guide For Female Entrepreneurs

If you are a woman business owner, whether the family business was passed down to you or you started a business on your own, you may be eligible for a women business enterprise certification from the WBENC, or Women’s Business Enterprise National Council. A women business enterprise certified business can reap the benefits of federal programs that require a certain ... Read More »

Obtain PMP Certification In Michigan For Increased Salary, Opportunities

Project management is one of the most secure professions in the United States. Opportunities for jobs are growing across the nation and starting salaries are consistently high. While it is possible to become a project management professional (PMP) with just a bachelor’s degree, it is highly preferable to get certified. Certification opens you up to further opportunities and higher salaries. ... Read More »

Hiring An Insurance Consultant For Small Business Offers Useful Expertise

An insurance consultant is not an insurance salesperson. An insurance consultant is a professional that specializes in helping businesses assess their insurance needs. There are many factors to consider in hiring insurance consultant for your small business after you have begun the job applicant tracking process. Here are the top five advantages an insurance consultant can provide you. Insurance Expertise ... Read More »

How E-Commerce Fulfillment Services Can Help Your Business Expand

If you run a small business, you should be thinking about selling online. E-commerce fulfillment is a great way to expand your company beyond the brick and mortar sales business model. It allows you to outsource your online business transactions. This will allow you to focus on local business needs. Here are the top five things you should know before ... Read More »

7 Succession Management Tips For Building A Bench With Top Talent

Succession management is the formal process by which businesses identify employees that can fill leadership roles within an organization when there is a change in leadership based on the employees performance. It is sometimes referred to as “building a bench” of players that can step up, should a key member of staff move on. This process is most often used ... Read More »

Incredible Benefits Of An LLC For Personal Asset Protection And More

You may be considering incorporating your small business as a Limited Liability Company (LLC). Whether you are just launching your business or have been operating as a sole proprietorship for years, there are significant advantages to switching to an LLC. Here are the top five benefits of an LLC. Personal Asset Protection This is the most appealing aspect of a ... Read More »

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