5 Applicable Value-Added Objectives Of A Recruiter Agency

rHuman resources professionals involved with the hiring process should be aware of the value-added objectives of a recruiter agency. In general, highly regarded staffing companies provide services that far outweigh the fees they charge. If you have ever worked with a good recruiter to fill a position, you may concur. After all, these companies specialize in an area that can ... Read More »

5 Fun Company Event Ideas To Promote Employee Collaboration

There are several fun company event ideas to promote employee collaboration. Team-building events are essential for your business’s overall health. As an office manager, you know that corporate games and events are a powerful tactic to elevate performance levels and facilitate personal growth. These events can also foster better communication and collaboration among team members. Team-building events are popular among ... Read More »

How To Choose A Learning Management System For Employee Training

Today, the average employee cares a lot about their professional development and the role their employer (or potential employer) has to play in it. As a result, in the race to attract the best talent in the market, businesses have no choice but to offer a competitive employee learning and development environment. Thankfully, unlike a few years ago, we now ... Read More »

5 Creative Employee Thank You Gifts To Increase Office Productivity

There are many creative employee thank you gifts to increase office productivity. As a business owner, you may be searching for the secret to reduce employee turnover and maximize employee productivity. According to studies, 50% of employees would stay at their job if they were tangibly recognized for their efforts. Another study found that 40% of employees who do not ... Read More »

How To Make Your Company Logo Stand Out With The Perfect Font

If you want to know how to make your company logo stand out with the perfect font, look no further. The following guidelines will help you choose a font that conveys professionalism and competency. It will also prevent you from making design mistakes. A logo font communicates your company values, so take your time to choose a font that sends ... Read More »

Why Do Modern Small Businesses Lack Reliable Customer Support?

Many modern businesses, while successful in their daily endeavors, lack a high quality, reliable customer service department. Most companies look at customer support as a costly expense and not as a revenue generator. For them, it is all about solving the problem of tickets as economically as possible (sadly), which implies under-resourced, and under-paid customer support agents. In case you’re ... Read More »

How A Nonprofit Email Hosting Provider Can Optimize Your Marketing Campaign

There are several ways a nonprofit email hosting provider can optimize your marketing campaign. Undoubtedly, factors such as budget costs, features, and level of required support will play a significant role when choosing a hosting provider. Although each nonprofit has its own specific needs, there are some common factors. As a marketing professional, you are probably interested in affordable hosting ... Read More »

5 Ways Shift Scheduling Software Optimizes Time Management

There are several advanced ways shift scheduling software optimizes time management. Whether your company has 10 employees or 1,000 employees, it can be difficult to coordinate everyone’s schedules. As a project manager, you likely have too many other responsibilities to waste hours trying to come up with a schedule that accommodates your company and your workers’ needs. Fortunately, scheduling software ... Read More »

How To Create Engaging Presentations For Your Online Meetings

Winning over an audience is one of the chief qualities of a successful PowerPoint presentation. With the advent of technologies, online meetings have become a new normal. Moreover, the current COVID-19 has made more companies than ever work remotely. Today, you can pitch your idea or do a business presentation with a stakeholder sitting two time zones away. Be it ... Read More »

5 Essential Elements Of A Standing Desk For Home Office Use

With many employees working remotely, operations managers may have more requests for a standing desk for home office use. As you begin researching the sit-stand options, there are some essential elements to keep in mind. After all, the desk that works for someone in the office may not be suitable for use in a home based business. For instance, there ... Read More »

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