5 Ways Handwritten Notes Give Your Marketing Plan A Competitive Edge

There is something about receiving a handwritten note that is just special. Receiving a handwritten note is always a pleasant surprise. When you think of it like that, it is shocking that more business owners do not leverage the written medium to benefit their operations. But surprisingly, many business owners do not consider the advantages handwritten notes can offer their ... Read More »

A Guide For Entrepreneurs Taking The Global Path

Going the entrepreneur way comes with its fair share of risks, and matters may get even more complicated if you plan to tap into the international market. Major global events like the Bexit impact and demonetization of currency can harm your business if its not prepared. Fortunately, success in this realm is not about who gets there first, but about ... Read More »

Why Economics Degree Holders Are Top Talent Corporate Job Candidates

An economics degree can appear to be a high-specialized degree that does not have other potential applications for business. This leads to hiring managers turning away tons of high-quality job candidates simply because they do not think they qualify for the job. However, while pursuing a degree in economics, college students learn an array of skills that could actually be ... Read More »

Managing Stress For Employees Improves Work Ethic & Happiness

Almost everyone of working age has experienced stress in the workplace at some point in their career. There millions of self improvement books that focus on this exact issue. Employee stress levels can be a huge drain on overall productivity and efficiency levels for businesses. That is why managers should care about lowering employee stress levels for their team, if ... Read More »

How Shaping Better Relationships Through Customer Experience Works

As you shape your marketing strategies and try to figure out the best ways to market your business, make sure you’re thinking more about building relationship development than immediate sales. A company which sells well today then faces a flood of negative word-of-mouth and returns won’t last long. Here are a few key points to building customer loyalty and positive ... Read More »

How Globalization Advantages Small Business For Easier Expansion

The globalization of the economy has had serious implications for businesses of all sizes, but particularly small business. Small business operations find it hard to compete in a globalized economy. However, globalization has actually had a considerable number of benefits for small businesses too. Your small family business is no exception. Find out how globalization can positively impact your operations ... Read More »

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