How To Launch Church Fundraising Campaigns For Community Outreach

Every church is called upon to meet the needs of the surrounding community. This might involve offering support during a crisis like a natural disaster (wildfire, hurricane, drought, etc.), taking up arms in the fight against a community’s perennial issues like homelessness, poverty, addiction, and disease, or supporting a global cause by organizing a mission trip. Each of these situations ... Read More »

5 Strategies To Fundraise Online The Cheap Way

Online fundraising is a popular way for modern business to obtain quick cash. While boostrapping a business is ideal, it can take many years to secure a significant amount of funding. As a business owner, you likely want to spend as little money as possible on a fundraising campaign. This allows your business to keep as much as the donated ... Read More »

How To Get the Most Out Of Your Sales Team

Getting the most out of your sales team is critical. It is a primary focus for both sales leaders and managers. The better they perform, the more the sales and the better the company will perform. It is quite challenging to get your sales team to maximize their performance. With the economy continually fluctuating, an influx of educated buyers and ... Read More »

5 Steps To Start Reducing Merchant Credit Card Fees Effectively

Credit card processing services are essential to modern day businesses. Businesses that utilize these processors, however, are often charged expensive fees. As a business owner, you likely utilize services from a merchant processing service. Services differ widely in price due to these associated fees. Reduce these merchant credit card processing fees to lower overall costs for your business. Lower fees allow ... Read More »

What The World’s Top Social Media Marketing Firms Offer 

Social media marketing firms take businesses to the next level. They use the most popular platforms to target audiences and increase engagement. More so, they offer these services to businesses in all industries. Business owners in the restaurant industry, construction sector and fashion market can all benefit from working with these firms. While business owners like you often increase sales ... Read More »

How To Excel In Multi Channel Ecommerce Marketing

The most successful ecommerce companies use more than one channel to promote their products and services. They use multi channel ecommerce marketing strategies to beat out their online competition on a daily basis. After all, ecommerce marketing professionals like yourself gain an array of new opportunities when they branch out to multiple channels. If you want to learn how to ... Read More »

5 Ways To Grow Business Intelligence Methods For Productivity

Business intelligence is a crucial tool for modern businesses to manage data. As a business owner, utilize business intelligence to improve your daily operations. This allows you to assess current trends, progress, and reach new customers. Effectively using business intelligence greatly improves your business’s productivity. Continue reading this post to learn ways to grow business intelligence methods for your business. Identify Market ... Read More »

How Marketing To Millennials Maximizes Revenues In Your Industry

What’s your first association with a millennial? A 17-year-old boy without a regular income that watches Marvel movies and wants to travel the world? That’s totally wrong. It’s better to say about a grown man in his mid-thirties, with several credit cards, a deposit account, and a huge debt. And these men and women will conquer the world. Millennials make up ... Read More »

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