5 Best Gift Ideas For VIP Clients To Establish Brand Loyalty

Brand loyalty with customers, especially VIP clients is one of the most important impressions a company can create. With so many important elements of marketing like SEO, print ads, and social media, effective client appreciation often goes overlooked. However, treating your clients right is integral to improve your brand reputation, image, and awareness. But the question is, how can a ... Read More »

How To Start A Business Without Leaving Home

With the Covid-19 pandemic, you could end up among the millions of people who work from home. Most people are looking for a new business idea based on working from home, or ways to make more money from home to supplement their income. This note tells you how to build a home business to supplement your income. Scan this list ... Read More »

5 Ways A Recruiter For Remote Jobs Can Optimize Your Candidacy Search

There are several advanced ways a recruiter for remote jobs can optimize your candidacy search. The coronavirus is taking a toll on employment, with many industries and small businesses being forced to downsize. As managers and employers get on the road to recovery, remote recruiting can be an essential strategy to hire staff safely and efficiently. As an HR professional, ... Read More »

What Can You Do With A Bachelor’s Degree In Writing?

There are several career paths you can consider if you are pursuing a bachelor’s degree in writing. Many writers are often scrutinized for completing a major with no clear job trajectory. However, as an undergraduate student seeking a job in the field, you should use this to your advantage. Although a degree does not seal the deal on any job, ... Read More »

5 Virtual Temporary CFO Services To Stabilize Financial Health

An outsourced temporary CFO provides many services to stabilize financial health. During the COVID-19 crisis, in particular, your business may be in need of expert economic assistance. An outside professional can provide a well-trained eye on your cash flow, key performance indicators, and overall profit. As a business owner, you can hire a virtual chief financial officer (CFO) to get ... Read More »

How To Ask About Taking Off Work For Surgery

There are several steps to ask about taking off of work for a surgery. Before taking a leave of absence, you need to carefully follow a few steps to ensure a smooth time-off process. Prior to scheduling your procedure, you need to speak with your employer to determine your best course of action. Your employer can assist you through the ... Read More »

How To Accept ACH Payments On Your Small Business Website

There are several steps for accepting ACH payments on your small business website. Once you have started accepting electronic credit card payments and debit options, you need to know how to accept ACH payments. Automated Clearing House (ACH) payment processing services allow your business to accept electronic check payments. As a financial professional, you can provide more flexible payment options ... Read More »

5 Actions That Promote A Successful Launch Of Beauty Franchises

With beauty franchises generating billions of dollars per year, it is an alluring business venture for entrepreneurs. In fact, the growth rate for the industry as a whole has increased year-over-year with the trend expected to continue. As enticing as it seems, business owners should be careful not to let the dollars signs cloud their judgement. After all, starting any ... Read More »

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