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time management systems for small business

Time management systems tend to get overlooked in small businesses. This is probably because time management is generally seen as an extra task. But in order to learn how to become a successful business person, time management is imperative. If you are like most business owners, then you probably do not need something else to do. Of course, learning time management principles can be a quite a time consuming job on its own. However, the time spent setting up proper business time management systems could payoff over the life of the business. To benefit from time management systems, choosing the right system and implementation are critical.

There are quite a few time management systems that are easy to maintain and effective to utilize. Usually, business will choose a time management software or platform that is complementary to its existing infrastructure. However, even if you are not currently using business applications at the moment, the options available are still highly useful. Here, we have provided four of the most popular time management systems that you may want to consider trying out.

Priority Matrix is a simple time and task management software based app. It uses a 2×2 matrix to categorize your tasks into the following sections:

  • critical and immediate
  • critical and non-immediate
  • non critical and immediate
  • uncategorized

More than managing time, this software goes above and provides a helpful task management system. According to users, Priority Matrix is known for its simplicity and easy to use interface. Naturally, if you are able to manage your tasks in their system, you can have your time managed as well.

Pomodoro is a time management system that emphasizes productivity. The Pomodoro technique uses a timer that keeps track of your work process. The timer rings after usually 25 minutes, allowing the user to take a short break from their two factor theory work. The technique is particularly effective in reducing external interruptions to maintain a steady work flow. At the very least, you are kept honest about the time spent working on a business project.

Getting Things Done is probably the most popular time management system around. The system is mainly preferred because of its extensive methodology. It systematizes everything, from daily tasks to thoughts and goals, into one flexible workflow process. It is a great way to create customized workflow frameworks. Following the frameworks, the time management system helps its users to achieve bigger goals by effectively controlling daily tasks.

Kanban is a time management technique that involves working in a systematic way, breaking down the tasks into backlog, doing and done columns. This is a simple technique to keep track of the progress of your work flow. Also, the simple layout is easy to maintain, making it very convenient to use, as well. Furthermore, it is a rather simple time management system that can put to use rather quickly so that you can quickly find the answer to all your questions about what you can do with an MBA.

Time Management Software

There are, of course, many time management software available to help make the task of managing and prioritizing your time and duties much simpler. With so many out there, how do you know which are the best? The best time management software is simply the one that works best for you. However in order to narrow down the pack, we will suggest our three favorites.

  • TSheets
  • MavenLink
  • Vorex Project Management

These top three project management software will help you to effectively manage time spent on every task throughout your work day. Consider the above options, and give them a try to see which one fits your lifestyle and business needs best.

Must Have Mobile Access

Any time management tools you consider absolutely must have mobile access. Otherwise, they are not practical, especially for those who own a business like Companion Connection senior care. You will need to use your productivity tools all over the place, not just in the office or at home. This is the only way these productivity hacks will actually work. You have to use them at all times. Make sure you buy a cloud productivity software with mobile app access. Otherwise, you will be wasting your money.

Any business is bound to have its share of problems, obstacles and pitfalls. However, effective time management systems can help at reducing them. The system should be planned according your own budget and needs. And, remember to keep it simple so it improves productivity rather than diminishing it.

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