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Chapter 7 vs. Chapter 13 Bankruptcy: Which Is Right For You?

Facing personal or business financial problems can be deeply stressful. The prospect of bankruptcy can intensify these feelings, making the path ahead seem even more overwhelming. However, it’s essential to recognize that bankruptcy isn’t an admission of failure—it’s a legal strategy to help you rebuild. Your primary task? Understanding your options. In the U.S., the two prevalent personal bankruptcy routes ... Read More »

6 Ways To Keep Your Business Going In Difficult Times

The global economy has been struggling in the face of a pandemic, recession, and political turmoil; challenging businesses to adapt or die out. As an entrepreneur, it can take a great deal of work to keep hope alive while staying afloat financially and professionally. Fortunately, there are many strategies you can employ to help keep your business running even during ... Read More »

How To Calculate Food Cost For Restaurants To Optimize Margin Percentages

There are several key steps to calculate food cost for restaurants to optimize percentages. Food cost percentage is the total money used to buy food divided by the total amount of revenue your restaurant generates. It’s an important metric to determine an establishment’s efficiency for ingredient sourcing and overall profitability. As a restaurant owner, you should know how calculate your ... Read More »

5 Ideas For High Profit Food Items Often Overlooked By Restaurants

There are many ideas for high profit food items that are often overlooked. High profit items require desirability, highly efficient sourcing, and reasonable prep time. Data provides insight into which menu items are best performing for a restaurant. As a food business owner, you should know how to run a resturant or increase profitability. Low cost, high profitability items can ... Read More »

5 Tips To Avoid Costly Plumbing Repairs

There are several key steps to avoid plumbing repairs at your productive business workplace. Some plumbing repair situations are unavoidable.  But while each plumbing fixture has its lifespan, you can at least prevent premature failure. The right information enables you to keep an eye on any issue arising and know when to ask for help. An effective plumbing maintenance routine ... Read More »

5 Logistics Cost Analysis Methods To Optimize Your Freight Spend

There are many logistics cost analysis methods to optimize your freight spend. Logistics cost analysis serves to reduce overall costs of a supply chain process. The top methods aim to find pieces of the process that can be improved upon to make a process more efficient. As someone responsible for the finances of your company, you should know the logistics ... Read More »

4 Reasons You’ll Need To Submit A Tax Return On Time

Have you been dreaming of quitting your 9-5 and starting your very own business? Maybe you’re bored of office life or you have the goal of supporting yourself financially. If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to the above question, you’ll need to get your ‘finance hat’ on! As a business owner or financially independent person, it’s crucial that you’re aware of how ... Read More »

How To Create The Perfect Budget For Your Daycare Business Plan

Creating a budget for a daycare business plan is an important aspect for potential child care centers. A budgeted plan protects a child care center from over spending and under supporting key financial aspects, such as purchases and labor costs. Budgeting for chid care center operations, the expenses and income directly influence the stability of a daycare. Ultimately, the budget ... Read More »

5 Virtual Services From Professional Remote Bookkeeping Companies

The virtual services that remote professional bookkeeping companies offer ensure a company operates smoothly and legally. Services that bookkeeping companies offer help with many backend problems that businesses may come across. Without professional bookkeeping assistance, companies have to spend valuable time figuring out multiple complex financial aspects. Remote bookkeeping companies facilitate a large amount of work that a company would have ... Read More »

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