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Where to Find Free Grants for Small Business Online

There are many places to find free grants for small businesses. Grants can be awarded by governments at the federal, state, or local level, as well as by private enterprises. They are lump sums of money that, unlike loans, don’t need to be repaid. However, some grants come with stipulations about how the awarded money should be used. As a ... Read More »

How Bookkeeping Help Keeps Your Business Afloat

a There are many ways bookkeeping help keeps your business afloat. In fact, 45% of small businesses perform manual bookkeeping processes that risk errors, as well as damage or theft to their financial data. Hiring outside bookkeepers enables these businesses to manage cash flows more efficiently, save time, and make higher-quality decisions. As a CFO, small business bookkeeping assistance streamlines ... Read More »

5 Solar Grants For Green Small Business Startups

There are many solar grants for green small business startups. Many entities and organizations offer several types of business grants with varying eligibility requirements. Generally, only certain business types are eligible for grants, such as those owned/operated by various minority business owners, single mothers, or veterans. As the CFO of a small business, green innovations often provide a great method ... Read More »

How To Pay Debt Collection Agencies For Small Businesses

There are many ways for small businesses to pay debt collection agencies. Paying off debts responsibly and spotting potential scams eliminates significant legal and financial risks to a business. Of course, you can also implement risk assessment tools to evaluate your risks. Sometimes, debts don’t even need to be paid off at all. As a small business financial professional, paying ... Read More »

5 Effective Ways To Track Your Small Business Finances

There are plenty of sophisticated ways to effectively track your business finances. Tracking your finances is a major component of running a successful small business. These procedures can help you accurately monitor where your capital is going every month. As a small business owner, this can help you identify new ways to grow your enterprise and improve your financial health. ... Read More »

5 Best Options For A Small Business Working Capital Line of Credit

There are many options for small businesses to obtain working capital lines of credit. These lines of credit enable small businesses to cover gaps in cash flows and seasonal cycles. Unlike many other funding options, working capital lines of credit only require the receiving business to pay back the money they use. As a business owner, working capital lines of ... Read More »

5 New Lease Accounting Rules For Lessors

In 2016, the US federal government changed the accounting standards for lease agreements. These new standards, going into effect in 2020 and 2021, present several challenges for lessors. In order to keep their books in compliance with the new rules, lessors have to change several aspects of their recording process. To do this, they must first familiarize themselves with the ... Read More »

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