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How To Sell Your Small Business As An Exit Strategy

Entrepreneurs who have spent any amount of time building a company will likely have mixed emotions about selling it, even to a trusted employee. If you add to that the many aspects of how to sell your small business, the mere thought can be completely overwhelming. However, how to sell your business can be a manageable task for entrepreneurs. There is a ... Read More »

5 Factors That Contribute To Apparel Business Owner Salary

Apparel business owners are interested in what their ideal salary should be. There are many factors that contribute to these salaries. Boutique owners have various business responsibilities. These tasks include buying, hiring, accounting, and marketing. Apparel business owners are also responsible for payroll and several other management tasks. They determine both employee pay and their own salary. Of course, there are many factors ... Read More »

How To Grow My Business Online With A Small Budget

Business owners are interested in the best ways to grow their business online with a small budget. Scaling a business takes considerable effort. You need to deal with sales, taxes, and corporate compliance. Digital marketing also plays a huge role in growing a business. Once you have solidified a revenue model, however, there may not be a large budget left ... Read More »

How To Build An IT Services Business Plan

An IT services business plan is a crucial step in understanding your IT company’s goals and what you can provide for potential employees, partners and investors. A strong business plan will detail how you plan on your business thriving. In many cases, a well drafted business plan will increase success. For IT services, this plan must include several necessary components. ... Read More »

5 Consequences Of Business Owners Facing A DWI Charge

A DWI charge means that you’ve been charged for driving while intoxicated. It’s a given fact that once you’ve had too many drinks, your ability to drive is impaired. Common sense will then dictate that you should never drink and drive. But sometimes, fun may get the best of you. Your decision making is so impaired that you forget what ... Read More »

How To Create A 501c3 Non-Profit Organization

Business professionals want to know the right way to create a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Starting a nonprofit organization is a great way for business owners to help those in need. These not for profit entities provide liability protections and tax advantages to businesses in the field. In order to experience these benefits, organizations must follow federal and state guidelines to establish a ... Read More »

Should You Use A Month-To-Month Landlord Lease Contract For Your Tenants?

One of the biggest decisions for landlords to make is whether you should provide your tenants with a monthly lease contract or not. In comparison, many landlord like yourself have traditionally favored longer-term agreements. While less popular with individual tenants, long-term lease contracts provide you more flexibility, stability, and allow you to update your rent price in accordance with market ... Read More »

How Virtual Reality vs Augmented Reality Impacts Your Business

Technological advancements in virtual and augmented realty have greatly impact overall business procedures. As a business owner, you have likely experienced this yourself. From bendable smartphones to eco-friendly cars, it feels like nothing is impossible in the technology field. But there are still a couple of technologies available today, which can change how you view the world entirely. Augmented reality ... Read More »

5 Important Aspects Of The Patent Valuation Process

Innovation is essential if businesses want to thrive in today’s competitive marketplace. An important aspect of innovation is monetizing ideas and protecting these ideas from competitors. A patent protects the innovative ideas of inventors and business entities for a fixed period. In the U.S., most patents are valid for 20 years from the application filing date. Once acquired, a patent provides ... Read More »

How To Create A Company Culture That Is The Right Fit

As companies continue to grow, business owners need to implement a company culture that is the right fit. Appropriate company cultures improve employee motivation and can even boost office productivity. While company cultures are integral to successful objective completion and employee productivity, they can be difficult to implement. If you are interested in how to create a company culture that ... Read More »

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