5 Considerations For Planning An Extended Business Trip

The business industry has changed drastically in the last year. Hybrid remote working, Zoom meetings and flexible working have become the new normal – replacing the traditional work office model. With this new style of working comes an entirely different approach to business trips and international travel. In the next few years, there are likely to be far fewer business ... Read More »

How To Post A Job On Indeed For Free

There are several steps to posting a job on Indeed for free. Indeed is currently the largest job board in the United States and represents 16.36% of the global job board market share. Of course, posting to this board significantly expands the number of applicants your jobs will reach without any monetary investment. As an HR professional, provide enterprise-quality reach ... Read More »

How To Create Promotional Branded Materials For Your Startup

There are several important steps to create custom promotional branded materials for your startup. Businesses use promotional marketing items to introduce new protects, improve customer relationship, and build brand awareness. Internally, these branded materials can be used to celebrate organizational milestones or motivate your team. If you are interested in creating promotional advertisers or branded ‘swag’ for your company, there ... Read More »

What Are The Most Common Workplace Hazards?

Accidents are an unfortunate inevitability of our everyday lives. No matter how careful we are, unforeseen circumstances can crop up at any time and present a danger to both our physical and mental well being. And with so much of our adult lives spent at work, it stands to reason that our mishaps frequently occur at our place of employment. ... Read More »

5 Groundbreaking Communication Tools For Online Startups

There are many groundbreaking communication tools for online startups. These tools are designed to create a more positive, beneficial workplace culture. They orient all team members toward a common goal, provide direction, and give employees an equal chance to contribute. Additionally, several studies conclude the use of various communication tools significantly impacts employee productivity and performance. Moreover, the increased communication ... Read More »

How Single Touch Payroll Reporting Impacts Small Businesses

There are many ways single touch payroll reporting impacts small businesses. Single touch payroll (STP) is a streamlined way for Australian business owners to report their superannuation and tax data to the Australian tax office (ATO). By changing the ways employee tax and super information is reported, STP significantly reduces reporting time and increases reporting accuracy. As a financial professional, ... Read More »

5 Best Business Features That Come With A Mac

If you’re working on a MacBook, consider yourself lucky, as it is one of the best business laptops of 2021. Indeed, it boasts incredible user experience, speed, and performance. With each operating system release, the Apple team includes features that make the laptop a perfect fit for work. In this post, we’ve put together the best features that make it ... Read More »

How To Compare Small Business Lenders For Online Financing

Small business lenders often provide funding for companies entirely online. In fact, under recent market conditions, online lenders are more popular than ever before. Many businesses utilize these lenders because they combine traditional and nontraditional metrics. These metrics include personal credit scores, cash flows, social media interactions, and online reviews. This way, online lenders provide small businesses faster and simpler ... Read More »

5 Best Corporate Registered Agent Services For Online Companies

There are many great corporate registered agent services for online companies. These agents receive various documents related to compliance, process of service notices, and government contracts and communications on behalf of an LLC. Corporate agents also protect the business owner’s privacy, as they receive correspondence instead of the owner. Additionally, they often help businesses file taxes and stay up-to-date on ... Read More »

What Is Tax Relief & How To Get Your IRS Debt Forgiven?

Sometimes, life happens, and even the Internal Revenue Service understands this. This is why there are government programs in place that will forgive your debts, especially if you cannot afford the payment of the taxes. However, these debt forgiveness programs are only applied to eligible taxpayers. Not all of the amount is forgiven, and there are still some partial debts ... Read More »

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