5 Common Annuity Payout Options To Make Use Of

There are many common annuity payout options to know. Annuities are often a useful tool for wealth management and financial planning. They can accept payments, allow potential tax-deferred growth, and distribute their contract value back to the owner. As an investor, familiarize yourself with several different types of annuities and annuities investment strategies to understand how they work and determine ... Read More »

How To Use An Automated LinkedIn Lead Generation Tool

There are several steps to using an automated LinkedIn lead generation tool. Of course, many businesses are shifting their marketing budgets to digital channels such as social media due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Several of these businesses maximize digital marketing ROI using LinkedIn to generate quality leads. In fact, studies conclude LinkedIn provides up to three times as many leads ... Read More »

Top 3 Reasons To Buy Gold And Silver Precious Metals

Precious metals have always been valuable in global economic indicators throughout history. Gold and silver, as well as platinum and palladium, were the main currencies in ancient markets thousands of years ago. Forms of currencies evolved though time but even then, they were still backed by precious metals. In the United States, for instance, the monetary system was based on ... Read More »

5 Top Sales Assessment Test Types for Aptitude Evaluation

There are many types of sales assessment tests that evaluate aptitude. As job markets become more competitive, many companies implement personality, skills, and behavioral evaluations into their interview processes. These assessments are often used to evaluate a candidate’s competencies in relation to those needed for a sales position. As an HR professional, evaluating applicant aptitude via the best test type ... Read More »

5 Leadership Training Skills All Managers Should Learn

There are many leadership training skills managers should learn. Managers exhibiting certain leadership principles motivate their employees to increase productivity and morale. Additionally, strong team leaders strengthen the relationships between employees, leading to a more cohesive, collaborative, and creative workplace. As a business manager, learning some leadership skills maximizes your performance and adds value to your position and organization. Read ... Read More »

5 Fundamental Sales Strategies To Implement During COVID-19

There are several fundamental sales strategies to implement during COVID-19. According to recent studies, over 60% of small businesses have reported a decrease in revenue since the COVID-19 outbreak. To deal with this cash flow reduction, it is essential to target your sales tactics using digital sales funnels to meet these unprecedented conditions. As a sales professional, you need to ... Read More »

5 Successful Company Wellness Programs That Actually Work

There are many successful company wellness programs that work. Company wellness programs improve the health and productivity of employees, and may reduce the costs of employer-provided health care. Additionally, these programs often reduce absenteeism and workplace injuries, as well as increase employee morale and loyalty. As a business manager, implement a wellness program to emphasize the importance of employee health ... Read More »

How To Start Closing A Business With Debt Outstanding

There are several steps to start closing a business with debts. When closing, a business typically has several debts. These debts are often to landlords, inventory suppliers, or banks. As a business owner, you should notify these creditors of your impending closure to limit your business liabilities. This way, you can make plans to repay the debts in full, settle ... Read More »

4 Remote Working And Learning Tips You Need To Be Productive

Long before COVID-19 struck in 2020, workers and students were beginning to spend more time working remotely. Employers and educational leaders increasingly recognize the benefits of moving toward a remote workforce and student body, to varying degrees. According to Forbes, benefits include reducing stress, saving money in commuting and overcome work from home distractions. Even with all the benefits of ... Read More »

How To Apply For Business Credit Card No Personal Guarantee

There are several steps to apply for a business credit card without personal guarantees. When business owners apply for credit cards, creditors typically require a legally binding financial guarantee from the owner. This guarantees the owner will personally pay off balances the company itself is unable to pay. Most credit card companies require this guarantee, but there are a few ... Read More »

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