How To Open A Futures Trading Account With A Broker

There are several steps to opening a futures trading account. Futures are financial transactions requiring investors to buy or sell at specified prices and predetermined dates. These accounts typically offer significant gains and accessibility to experienced investors. Often, trading futures effectively requires less upfront capital than simple day trading. As an experienced investor, you should use your broker’s services, platforms, ... Read More »

How To Implement An Employee Point Based Reward System

There are several steps to implementing an employee point based reward system. Many studies have displayed a direct correlation between employee recognition and engagement. In fact, Gallup states that low employee engagement costs American businesses up to $370 billion annually. Alternatively, high employee engagement levels significantly increase absenteeism and turnover. As a business manager, point based recognition programs increase productivity ... Read More »

5 Creative CD Investing Strategies For Safer Profits

There are many creative CD investing strategies for safer profits. Certificates of deposit (CDs) are versatile account types used by many investors to grow their capital safely. Since they are a type of bank account, investors tend to use CDs to eliminate the risk of losing portfolio money. In fact, most investors use CDs as a simple, safe way to ... Read More »

A Beginner’s Guide To Getting Started With Forex Trading

There are several essential steps to get started with forex trading. Commonly referred to as the foreign exchange market, forex trading is like a currency exchange you might make when travelling to another country. Indeed, a trader typically buys one currency and sells another. For example, a forex trader might buy U.S. dollars and sell Euros if they think the ... Read More »

How To Write A Sample Agenda For Board Meeting

There are several steps to writing a sample agenda for a board meeting. Effective board meetings are imperative for many organizations, since they allow employees to make important determinations and set actionable next steps. Solid agendas are needed to determine the tone of the meeting and engage its participants. As a business owner preparing a board meeting, do some simple ... Read More »

5 Best CI/CD Practices For Reliable Development Pipelines

There are many best CI/CD practices for reliable pipelines. In fact, these practices often improve pipeline reliability, reduce runtimes, and automate various processes such as quality assurance. Most notably, they improve pipeline reliability via significant speed and accuracy improvements. Absolutely, software developers leverage these practices to maintain focus on monitoring systems, enable easy access to new versions, and track changes. ... Read More »

Video Conferencing: 5 Ways To Boost Remote Workforce Productivity

The work-from-home concept may not be new but the pandemic has certainly made it mainstream. Now, in the US alone, there are almost twice as many employees working remotely than at work, according to Stanford research. As we are gradually transitioning from gig to working-from-home economy, technology — and, namely, video conferencing — can become our ally. Video conferencing is ... Read More »

How To Integrate Software For Accountants Into Payroll Systems

Integrating payroll systems in new accounting software can be a challenge for businesses. Especially when changing to a different system, a proper integration requires following all the rules and converting plenty of data. While the underlying principles behind payroll accounting are universal, the conversion process can be time-consuming. Keeping track of payroll requires a lot of transaction information that must ... Read More »

5 Tips For Arcade Franchises To Retain Customers

How to retain customers is a question that every business owner and manager has to ask, and arcade franchises are no different. Retaining customers is cheaper and more profitable than gaining new customers, with studies estimating that it’s 10 times as expensive to gain a new customer than to keep a current one. Long term customers also spend more money ... Read More »

What Is Software Outsourcing? The Basic Definition of Outsourcing Development

In a business environment, there is an increasing need to free up work processes. It is to specialize in the main type of activity. Outsourcing services are gaining popularity. Outsourcing itself, translated from English, means “use a third-party source”. For companies not engaged in the field of information technology. It’s situation in which they have to use outsourcing services arises ... Read More »

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