5 Custom Check Order Design Ideas For Small Business

In business, checks are written every week. Whether it is manual, automated or digital checks, business owners have to pay for a lot of items. Most commonly, paychecks and vendor payments make up a large portion of business checking activities. Then, you have uncommon checks like a settlement, probate or equipment purchase. Commonly, business owners use regular bank checks for their operating activities. However, the cost to have a nice custom check order is comparable to the classic checks. For similar costs, we have some great custom check order ideas that you can use on your next check book.

Full Color Logo Checks

Instead of the regular old bank checks, custom checks with your logo are readily available. Many check companies do not charge any additional costs to print your logo on the check. To get a logo customized check, upload your logo to their platform during the checkout process. Then, choose if you would like to print the logo in black/white or in color. Of course, a color logo custom check will certainly have more appeal. Add a nice design element by customizing your check order with your business logo.

Custom Computer Checks

Don’t write checks often? Printing computer checks are very common and can have completely custom look. When planning to place a computer check order, choose combinations of color and style to match your company. Here, you can infuse as much of your corporate identity in your checks as possible. When playing vendors, suppliers or contractors, they will recognize your payment instantly. Without looking at the details, the overall look of the check will identify which small business it came from.

Eco-Friendly Check Orders

In addition to a complementing style, your business check orders can be Eco-friendly. Certain companies take pride in their sustainability efforts. They use energy efficient methods in their facilities as well as certified sustainable paper for their materials. If you have an environmentally conscious small business, considering finding a check printing service that is socially responsible too.

Inspirational Check Order

When running a small business, you can always you some inspiration. An inspirational check order would provide your company with an uplifting message or symbol of positivity. These custom business checks can represent peace, joy, success, patriotism or divine influence. As you already know, the right mindset will lead to prosperity and success. Therefore, make a check order that reinforces motivation into your life while paying closing costs or signing large checks.

High Security Business Checks

Above all, a custom business check order should prioritize security. Many businesses are susceptible to many times of fraud and crime each year. These checks use several security features including fluorescent fibers, heat sensitive ink, holograms and watermarks. The preventative measures protect your business against fraudulent check and could help your business resolve any disputes with merchants or bulge bracket banks. Certainly, a custom check order could benefit from some high security features that protect your business.

Owning a business, you can make simple decisions like a check order more meaningful. You can add your company logo, colors and style to checks. Moreover, you can make your checks sustainable and eco-friendly. They can add inspiration and protection for your business. When it comes time to order business checks again, keep these custom check ideas in mind.

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