5 Outbound Telemarketing Best Practices For Success


Outbound telemarketing is still one of the most popular direct marketing techniques employed by many SME’s as well as established businesses around the world for revenue generation. Nowadays it is very common to see toll-free telephone numbers accompanying print and media advertisements demanding immediate action from the reader. However, there are many companies that work the opposite, taking the initiative to contact the potential customer and convincing them to invest in their products or services.

When a telemarketing agent makes a call, there are possibilities that they may convince the prospect and initiate a buying decision or end up losing a customer forever. As outbound telemarketing demands investment in terms of people and time, so it is becoming important for companies to develop their own list of best practices. Here are 5 best practices for outbound telemarketing sales success.

Contact the Right Person

This is the first rule of any outbound sales program. There is no point talking to a person who may not be interested in buying from you. The market segmentation will help to identify a potential customer. Today, there are various online and offline sources that give a fair idea of the potential target market and consumers. So little homework is always helpful to make a success-driven sales call.

Seek Permission

The opening line should always be a polite address to the person and seeking their permission to convey your message. There are all chances that the person on the other end may not be in the mood to listen. You can politely ask them alternative time to complete the conversation. This will give an impact that you care for their moods and consider them as a value customer for your business.

Ask What You Want

After all, that is the main reason for making this call. You can ask what you want – requesting few minutes of their precious time to listen, a demo, a voluntary participation, contribution or sale.

Spread out Benefits

The first obvious question that a telemarketer may face is why should I listen to you? Or why should I buy from you? There is an easy way to tackle such questions – spread out benefits that a customer may expect from your brand. A sound knowledge of products and services will help a telemarketer to convince the customer. A telemarketer should always try to use minimum words to explain  features and benefits to a customer.

Take Commitment From The Customer

This is a very important step to finish a call. At the end of the call, a telemarketer should ask customer’s commitment to buy a product or voluntarily contribute to the cause, etc. If the prospect shows some interest, the telemarketer should thank them for their consideration and seek permission to know their final decision. For eg.They can also use the time to seek permission for setting a convenient online meeting time with a sales executive, demonstration, etc. The telemarketer can carefully use phrases such as: ” I have following days open, which time suits you?” etc.

Fortunately, there aren’t hard and fast rules for successful outbound telemarketing. The above – mentioned tips have proven track record of success and they will help a business nurture quality leads by minimizing waste of time and energy.

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