Top Online Accounting Courses To Improve Business Finance Management

Online accounting courses offer a great way to enhance your existing accounting skills, opening up new avenues of employment. These courses are more convenient than the traditional class-room courses, like when obtaining your finance degree, because they offer superior flexibility. One can easily pursue online accounting courses while working full time. Moreover, online courses leave sufficient time to attend personal and family affairs. According to your need and preferences, you can pursue online accounting degree completion programs, undergraduate or masters courses. However, not all online accounting courses are equally beneficial. You have to analyze the accreditation, reputation, faculty strength and course fees before selecting the right courses. In this post, the top online accounting courses, teaching everything from t accounts basics to the most sophisticated accounting techniques, have been listed to help your selection.

Types Of Courses

There are many different types of online accounting courses to consider in your search. What types of accounting skills do you want to build or improve? The answer to that question will have a considerable bearing on the online accounting programs you consider attending. Accounting 101 classes will teach you the basics of accounting. Accounting 102 classes will give you an introduction to managerial accounting for business. Higher classes, like Accounting 302 courses, will teach more advanced material regarding corporate accounting and taxation. Decide which of these accounting classes fit your educational needs. Then, use that information to narrow down your selection from the top online accounting programs detailed below.

Kaplan University

Accredited by North Central Higher Learning Commission, Kaplan University offers a diverse range of accounting degree courses, both online and offline. Pioneering online accounting education, Kaplan University provides online accounting courses on general accounting, forensic accountancy, managerial accountancy, public accountancy and tax accountancy. Among all its online accounting courses, the bachelor of Science in Accounting has gained popularity, helping participants build a rewarding accounting career. This particular online accounting course covers business invoice, economic, finance, management, law and taxation. Even though, the per credit $371 tuition fee is comparatively pricey, a BS in Accounting degree from Kaplan University can assist your career growth.

University of Alabama-Brimingham, Collat School of Business

Winner of the prestigious Beckman scholars award, the University of Alabama-Brimingham offers Online Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting through UAB online and the Collat School of Business. This Bachelor of Science in Accounting program lays the foundation of business and accounting knowledge, creating several career options. In addition, the bachelors in accounting program prepares students to pass exams like Certified Internal Auditor, Certified Management Accountant and Certified Fraud Examiner. Moreover, students get extensive knowledge about standards of online accounting through GAAP and IFRS protocols. An estimated cost of $61,848 makes the online BS in Accounting course of University of Alabama-Brimingham affordable too.

Liberty University

A well-known Southern Baptist university, Liberty University has recently started offering undergraduate and graduate degree programs online. The Bachelor of Science in Accounting degree it offers enhances the critical thinking and problem solving skills of students. Beside computer applications and business communication, this course teaches students to apply ethical codes in accounting practices. Students interested in furthering their accounting knowledge can enroll in Liberty University’s Master of Science in Accounting that develops business accounting skills and business invoice management capabilities. Accreditation from Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs make Liberty University’s online accounting courses worthwhile.

Capella University

Partnering with Sophia Pathways, Capella University offers very flexible online accounting courses. Earning a bachelors degree in accounting from Capella prepares students to create corporate level accounting systems, interpret financial information, leverage functional technology and apply ethical accounting principles. To help students balance education and work life, Capella University provides three weeks of breaks between two three month long educational quarters. What’s more, the approximate cost of its online accounting course is just $47,800. Of course, Capella University is a popular option for accounting courses online.

Rasmussen College

Rasmussen College offers self paced online accounting courses of various lengths. Students can choose from its accounting certification course, associate’s degree or bachelor’s degree. The online accounting degree program it offers helps students launch careers in business. Moreover, if you are more interested in business taxes, its online bachelor’s degree in accounting prepares students to pass the Certified Public Accountant Exam. Another privilege of Rasmussen College’s online accounting program is that students can take some classes in person if they wish. The total cost of this online accounting course amounts to $41,190. As you would discover, Rasmussen College’s online accounting courses are designed to ensure a successful accounting career.

Colorado State University Global Campus

Part of the Colorado University System, Colorado State University Global Campus is an online public university. This online university offers comprehensive accounting bachelor’s degree completion programs and graduate programs. By enrolling, students can utilize previously achieved college credits, military credits and work experience with its Bachelor’s in Accounting coursework. These options lead to earning a degree quicker. The Colorado State University Global Campus’s online bachelor’s in accounting degree curriculum includes principles of accounting, cost accounting, business taxation and auditing. Their online accounting courses are a great foundation for a complete online education.

Indiana University

Indiana University provides an excellent online accounting course entitled “Accounting and the Business Environment.” While the University may not offer a whole plethora of options for online accounting courses, the one course they do offer is comprehensive. In this online accounting class, you will learn every detail of finance record keeping including liabilities, financial statements and implementing budgets. You will also learn basic things like business expense categories, in addition to the more in-depth topics. Download videos of classroom lectures for free without ever having to spend hundreds of dollars on a textbook through Indiana University’s online class. This accounting course is free, so you should definitely consider it a great option.

Online accounting courses are of the best resources to enhance your accounting skills and avoid securities fraud.  Accounting students and business owners are enrolling at online accounting courses to manage business finances more efficiently. Be sure to check out the options available to you. With a reliable internet connection, there are many online accounting courses for you to choose from.

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