6 Advantages Of Cloud Based Communication In The Workplace

When businesses aren’t able to communicate effectively and efficiently, it’s much harder to get new leads and repeat clients, let alone to effectively collaborate within the office. Over the past few years, cloud-based communication systems have created a lot of buzz. These systems offer a wide range of benefits that can improve your company communication process internally as well as externally. Here are 6 advantages of cloud based communication in the workplace that you need to know about.

1. Integrated Communications System

By switching to a cloud-based communication system, you’re able to fully integrate your company’s communications. By integrating communications with everyday applications, you’re able to work more efficiently and increase productivity in the workplace.

An integrated communication system is easy to deploy and even easier to use. This allows employees to be connected to the workplace both in and outside of the office. With integration, you can embrace remote work, allowing your employees to work from near and far. Remote work allows you to expand your global reach without impacting customer service or company productivity. The freedom of mobility is key to a more effective and productive workplace.

Imagine your web developer being able to access your website to pull data from your wordpress analytics plugin, and share those numbers with you live with your business communication system.

2. Improved Security

While businesses tend to focus most on security as it relates to computers, their website, and company email, proper security is also needed for your telephone based communication systems. There are a wide range of risks that communication systems face including spoofing, fraud, intercepted calls, and phishing. With the right security in place, these threats can be prevented.

Quality small business VOIP systems improve communication security through the availability of network security, data encryption, secure voice and video, as well as many other security measures. With these security services in place, you can minimize common risks and have the peace of mind that your company communications are kept safe.

3. Scalability

Scalability is all about the ability to add and remove users, lines, features, and extensions as required. With a cloud based phone system, your communications systems are more scalable than ever before.

With traditional communication systems, when you needed another phone line, you not only had to purchase another piece of equipment, you also had to work with your provider to have a new line set up. The process could sometimes take weeks, which of course slowed down business and impacted productivity.

By getting rid of copper wiring and on-premise equipment vs cloud, you can easily scale your communications to changing business needs. During peak season you can quickly add new lines and turn on certain features that will allow your company to meet its growing needs. Once peak season is over, you can easily scale back the number of lines you have access to.

4. Improved Efficiency

With a cloud based telephone system, call routing is a breeze. You can easily route incoming calls to the proper department or customer service representative, all while allowing customers to call the same number! With this type of system there are all sorts of features that can be implemented including:

  • Pre-recorded greetings
  • Scheduled calls
  • Call logging and metrics

With these features, your customers can spend less time on hold which means less risk of a backlog of phone calls.

5. Cost Savings

No matter if you’re a small or a large company, all businesses can benefit from saving money. A cloud based communication system is not only more scalable and reliable than traditional options, it’s also more affordable. This is because cloud based phone system prices are based on a per user basis. Most service providers offer unlimited calls as well as low-cost international fees. If you’re a startup or a small company looking to improve your communication systems, a cloud based option is definitely the way to go.

6. Improved Reliability

There’s nothing more frustrating than having to tell customers that your phone lines are down. This not only impacts your image in the eyes of a customer, it also causes a backlog of emails that can slow down servers and overwhelm customer service representatives.

By switching to a cloud based communication system, you have improved reliability. With the right provider, you can enjoy high uptime rates. The provider you choose will offer a Service Level Agreement that details the reliability and quality of the service they provide. This sets expectations and ensures your communications in the workplace are reliable and available, especially during peak season.

Since cloud based solutions use top of the line technology and equipment, you don’t have to worry much about continuity or implementing internal fail-safe methods in the event of a disaster.


Switching to a cloud based communication in the workplace offers all sorts of benefits. Not only will this type of communication system impact your company internally, it will also boost customer service, ensuring your customers receive the quality communications they expect.

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