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How To Launch An App Like Tik Tok

Tik Tok seemed to have secured the position as #1 app in the video-sharing category‚Ķ or at least that’s what it looked like up until recently. Large-scale hacker attack, which has left 40+ million of its user accounts unprotected, plus content concerns, country bans, and numerous lawsuits have significantly shaken the platform’s position as the invincible global leader. “Long live ... Read More »

Where to List Rental Properties Online For Free

There are many places to list rental properties online for free. The National Apartment Association states a 51% turnover rate in rental properties. As a result, landlords often try to fill their vacancies as quickly as possible to minimize their losses. By listing and advertising their rental properties online, landlords significantly increase their exposure to prospective tenants. As a landlord/property ... Read More »

How To Become A Virtual Assistant From Home For Beginners

Virtual assistant work has become popular with many entrepreneurs due to high demand and the ability to work from home. Virtual assistants provide various levels of administrative support including call screening, travel arrangements, and data entries. They can also provide client and staff scheduling solutions as well. Since most of today’s workforce already possesses many of the skills and equipment ... Read More »

How Are TV Viewing Figures Counted?

There are several key metrics that contribute to calculate TV ratings and viewing figures. Across the globe, TV ratings largely impact how television is produced, promoted, and monetized. As an executive in television industry, learning about how to calculate ratings effectively can make or break your success in the field. While it may seem complex, it is actually relatively easy ... Read More »

How To Start A Home Painter Business With A Solid Plan

Home painter businesses are popular with entrepreneurs due to the huge demand for this service. Since good paint jobs require patience, experience, and accuracy, many homeowners opt to pay handsomely for them rather than do it themselves. Additionally, many entrepreneurs choose home painting as a business option due to its flexibility and low startup costs. There are also many painting ... Read More »

5 Best Self-Publishing Companies Types To Explore

Many of the best self-publishing companies come in several different types. Self-publishing books and other printed materials provides authors with 40-60% royalties annually when compared to traditional publishing. In fact, self-publishing rose to 40% of the market in 2018. As an author, choosing the right self-publisher for your specific needs offers valuable book production assistance and increased royalty profits. The ... Read More »

6 Steps To Setup Your Own Metal Fabrication Business

Starting a business which focuses on metal fabrication is one way to further your entrepreneurial ambitions. However, unless you plot a careful course, you could end up treading water rather than surging ahead towards your ultimate destination. To optimize your chances of succeeding, here are the main steps you will need to take to make waves in the world of ... Read More »

5 Wyoming Incorporation Requirements For New Businesses

There are several requirements to forming a new corporation in Wyoming. Compared to other states, WY has many advantages for companies. For example, the Cowboy State has no franchise tax fee, and no annual fee based on issued company shares. Additionally, they also waive a number of paperwork requirements for businesses compared to other states. Wyoming corporations are not required ... Read More »

How To Invest In Rental Property Online As A Beginner

There are many ways for beginners to invest in rental properties online. Real estate is one of the largest assets investors can buy, and provides an often lucrative passive income stream. Additionally, rental properties increase the quality and efficiency of investment portfolios by adding diversification. As an investor, there are several differences between buying a rental property and a primary ... Read More »

Why Everyone Should Be Selling At Markets

In these days of Covid-19, every retailer is being forced to look at lowering costs and boosting revenue just to survive. Perhaps selling at markets, whether outdoor or indoor, is something you may not have thought about in the past, but now it’s something every business should consider. Here are just a few reasons it may be a great strategy ... Read More »

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