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How The UK And Online Casinos Deal With The Changing Industry

Online gambling got birthed in 1994 when Antigua and Barbuda decided to pass the Free Trade and Processing Act. However, it took two years before the world’s first online casino (InterCasino) appeared, thanks to online payment technology developed by its operator CryptoLogic. In the 1990s and the 2000s, Americans could only enjoy online casino entertainment for real money at offshore ... Read More »

How Does Remote Work Help Cut Business Expenses?

The pandemic showed new methods of collaboration and sustenance. The number of miles between employees doesn’t define work culture anymore, just their persistence in maintaining it. As an employer, this might get you wondering, is this beneficial for my business? Can working from home save on additional costs? The answer is yes. There are numerous areas businesses can save costs ... Read More »

How To Take Alcohol Server Certification Exams

There are several steps to getting an alcohol server certification online. These certifications demonstrate knowledge and dedication to the bartending profession. In fact, many jurisdictions require bartenders to take the certification exam. Therefore, restaurants and bars typically hire only certified bartenders for employment. Or, they might require you to take a course and examination online. As an aspiring mixologist, you ... Read More »

5 Best Small Business Lenders For Multiple Financing Options

There are plenty of small business lenders with financing options available. Small businesses are eligible for various types of loans depending on credit score, revenue and years in business. These lenders offer collateralize secured loans or different types of unsecured loans. As a business owner, you should take advantage of the financing options available for additional equipment, supplies or locations. ... Read More »

3 Ways To Move Up In Your Career And Earn More

The opportunity for career advancement is a common motivator for most employees to keep improving their job performance. With more responsibilities, more challenges to encounter, and more projects to supervise, a promotion will help you maximize your skills and expand your knowledge in the field. Of course, a pay raise is part of it as well, which is something not ... Read More »

5 Shared Workspace NYC Rental Options For Flexible Coworking

Given the influx of employees now able to work outside the confines of a typical office space, there are many options for shared workspace rentals in NYC. With nearly half a million freelance workers operating within NYC, securing a co-work space can be a difficult process. Rather than rushing to secure a seat at your local coffee franchise, find a ... Read More »

5 Best Platforms For App Development Without Coding

Developing an app without coding has never been easier thanks to new innovative building platforms. App building tools make it simple for aspiring app developers and small business IT enthusiasts to get your mobile app up and running in a matter of days or even within a few hours. The first step to building your new app is choosing a ... Read More »

8 Time-Saving Services And Software For Busy Small Business Owners

Turning your small business into an overnight sensation may appear to require a simple concoction of hard work, dedication, and a little extra pocket change. But don’t let these depictions of quaint small businesses lead you into a financial deathtrap. Managing time, employees, and business finances is no small feat, especially for first-time company owners finding their footing. Luckily, there’s ... Read More »

5 Essentials For Your Ergonomic Office Space Setup Floor Plan

There are many office space setup essentials that contribute to the efficiency and productivity within your work environment. Office space essentials can increase comfort for employees and reduce their risk of injuries. As an office manager, create an office floor plan to help your employees remain focused and manage stress at work. In fact, adjustments to floor plans can improve ... Read More »

5 Smart Ideas For Building Real Estate Referral Programs

There are several top ideas for building real estate referral programs. These programs allow agents to collect business referrals from others to gain exposure to new clients. Additionally, agents and contacts benefit from the program as both receive referral opportunities. As a realtor, you should build a strong program where many agents, professionals and contacts are referring you business regularly. ... Read More »

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