5 Best Dashboard SaaS Types For Optimal Metric Tracking

Countless SaaS (Software as a Service) business owners stress over accurately tracking their metrics. Such business owners usually either do not use SaaS dashboards or have not invested in the right ones. As a SaaS business owner yourself, you compete in an industry full of companies that have implemented efficient metric tracking strategies. To ensure that you can beat out your competition and increase your revenue, you need to optimize your SaaS dashboards. Continue reading to discover the best dashboard SaaS types for metric tracking.

Traffic Analytics

Firstly, consider the power of a traffic analytics SaaS dashboard. This dashboard SaaS type provides insight into the amount of consumers visiting your site on a daily basis. This is also known as data as a service. Furthermore, it allows you and your employees to discover where your traffic is coming from and work off of the data you receive. For instance, your marketing team can shift their social media marketing strategies if the dashboard data shows that it is not driving traffic to your site. When teams utilize analytics dashboards to alter techniques, they take strides toward increasing sales. For this reason, this dashboard SaaS type is one of the most valuable.


Another dashboard SaaS type that enhances company performance is management. With a management dashboard, your management team can better organize their teams. This type of dashboard provides data on companies as a whole, allowing each team manager to focus on both their team’s performance and how they are working with other teams. For instance, if sales data shows a decrease, the manager of your sales team can use it to make improvements. If the marketing team also notices a fault in their work through the dashboard’s analytics, they might be able to conclude that they need to work more effectively with the sales team. Managers take control and solve problems quickly with management SaaS dashboards.

Customer Churn

A customer churn dashboard is another dashboard SaaS type that allows for expedited problem solving. A customer churn dashboard focuses on the most important factor of any B2C business: the consumer. It analyzes how your company is retaining customers and, therefore, assists you in retaining more. The dashboard tracks how many subscribers discontinue subscriptions within a chosen amount of time. This could provide insightful information along with risk assessment tools. If you discover that your business is having a difficult time keeping customers, you can find more effective ways to provide consumer satisfaction. In doing so, you can increase your revenue and beat out competition with this dashboard SaaS type.

Customer Support

Speaking of customer satisfaction, consider the advantages support dashboards offer SaaS business owners like yourself. This dashboard SaaS type evaluates your support team. Your support team is crucial to increasing sales. If customers are not happy with your products or services, it is up to your support team to improve their experiences. Support dashboards track customer challenges, allowing your support team to better prepare for the most popular issues. It also assists you in developing a strategy to eliminate the issues altogether. Thus, support dashboards can improve overall business techniques.

Mobile App

Mobile app dashboards increase revenue with the analytics they offer. Since mobile apps are becoming increasingly popular through generations, they provide amazing marketing and sales opportunities. With a mobile app dashboard, you can understand how your company is generating revenue through your applications. This will promote lean management with the right data insights. It tracks user engagement as well, so you can keep up with the new trends. Mobile app dashboards allow you to reach your on-the-go consumers more effectively.

The best dashboard SaaS types increase companies’ customer bases and profits. A traffic analytics dashboard allows you to determine how you are driving traffic to your website. Management teams work more adequately together with management dashboards. Customer churn dashboards help SaaS business owners retain more customers and, as a result, increase sales. Support dashboards also increase sales through maximizing customer support techniques. Additionally, mobile apps dashboards provide information on your app-generated revenue and user engagement. Now, you can use these best dashboard SaaS types to beat out competition.

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