5 Best Online Credit Check Websites With Free Reports

Online credit check has made it much easier to keep a tab on your credit score. Keeping an eye on your credit score allows you to take appropriate measures to improve it. The days when your credit score only affected your chances of getting a mortgage or loan are long gone. Now, a high credit score is needed to get credit cards, better mobile phone contracts, monthly car insurance and even some virtual bank accounts. What’s more, a high credit score also enhances your employability, opening doors of new career opportunities. By checking your credit score, lenders and sellers evaluate your capability of paying back. Both poor credit history and lack of credit history can reduce your chances of getting a good financing deal or a large sized loan. Online credit check is a convenient solution to avoid these problems. A section of your business development strategy should include your credit. To help you stay on top of your credit score, some of the best online credit check websites along with considerations have been listed below.

Identity Guard

Identity Guard offers three credit scores based on data obtained from three different credit reporting bureaus: Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. In addition to the reports, the site also provides a detailed analysis of the factors affecting your credit report. Understanding why your credit score is low enables you to resolve an issues and fix credit fast. Another online credit check tool that Identity Guard offers is their email alerts, notifying you of any changes in all three bureaus.  Furthermore, they offer unlimited, toll free customer service. As you can imagine, Identity Guard is one of the most popular online credit check websites.

Privacy Guard

Privacy Guard endeavors to help credit card users protect their identity through regular online credit checks. To make credit score checks more convenient, it offers the 3 bureau credit report with credit scores from Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. As an added advantage, you can check all three credit reports side by side, spotting inaccuracies quickly. By offering secure online credit checking, Privacy Guard ensures that banks, mortgages and loan companies review your most up to date and accurate credit reports. Additionally, the site sends quick alerts via phone, e-mail or text messages whenever any major change occurs in your credit report file. Offering a number of features, Privacy Guard lowers the risk of credit or identity fraud with comprehensive online credit checks.


Headquartered in Atlanta, GA, Equifax offers advanced online tools to check credit reports and scores. With Equifax you can get Equifax, Experian and TransUnion credit reports once a year. Furthermore, Equifax sends customized notifications to inform users about any major changes in their Equifax credit file. Their support from dedicated customer service experts help users in resolving ID theft issues. Additionally, each user receives $1 million as ID theft insurance. By using Equifax for an online credit check, you will learn about the various factors affecting your credit score.


Around 90% of US lenders use the FICO credit score to decide if they should offer premium credit cards, loans or rebates. Undoubtedly, choosing myFICO to check online credit score will give you a similar view of what they see. At myFICO, you can get access to your credit report and scores instantaneously. By subscribing to FICO Essentials 1B, you can monitor your Equifax credit report too. This is useful if you are applying for a business loan with bad credit. Additionally, you can track your FICO score 8 on historical tracking graph. What’s more, every month you will get to view 6 FICO scores used in credit card lending, auto loans and mortgages.


Becoming a member of TransUnion, you will get to check credit scores online free along with credit reports for just $1. Like others, the online credit check sends timely alerts from the three bureaus. These alerts will caution you against possible identity thefts. To further secure your credit reports, TransUnion offers TU credit lock. This is a great option for getting business credit reports. Members can activate it easily with just one swipe. Moreover, TransUnion allows unlimited online credit checks. They are another great resource you can take advantage of at little or no cost.

Credit Karma

This is another popular website for checking credit scores. The scores are absolutely free and do not require a credit card to receive them. They feature easy to read reports, credit monitoring and free resources to improve your credit. With a secure connection and strong commitment to privacy, they are a great option to check your credit online.

View All Debts Equally

Business owners often trap themselves by putting certain debts above others. Under certain circumstances, it is beneficial to pay off some debts before others. However, it is harmful to businesses and individuals if more debt is created in order to pay one off. For instance, if you want to pay off a loan and also have a credit card payment due, do not neglect the credit card payment. This will only keep you in debt longer. If you are continuously in debt, you may surpass opportunities for necessary funding. From opening new accounts to borrowing from private lenders, you could miss great opportunities. Only pay off your debts if you are also able to keep up with your other bills. View all debts equally in order to stay on top of your credit score.

Certainly, online credit check is a convenient way to stay updated on your credit score. Money management is crucial to expanding a business. Checking your credit score reports regularly enables you to decrease chances of identity theft or financial errors. Finally, a free online credit check gives you the chance to improve credit score, increasing the chances of getting loans or other financial resources.

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